Sorafenib 200mg Tablet Sorafenat

Trade Name: Sorafenat

Manufacturer: Natco Pharma Ltd

Presentation: Tablet

Strength: 200mg

Is sorafenib 200mg successful in the therapy of liver malignant growth?

Sorafenib 200mg is a new multikinase inhibitor with powerful anti-cancer activities in the treatment of solid tumors. It has been approved for the treatment of advanced RCC, and it has recently been found to improve survival in patients with advanced HCC when given as a monotherapy. compared to placebo.

What is the purpose of sorafenib 200 mg?

Portrayals. sorafenib 200mg is a medication that is utilized to treat progressed renal cell carcinoma, liver disease (hepatocellular carcinoma) that can’t be dealt with carefully, and separated thyroid malignant growth that has returned or spread to other regions of the body. Sorafenib is a malignant growth battling drug called antineoplastic.

Is sorafenib 200mg available as a tablet?

Sorafenib comes as a tablet that you require two times per day with a glass of water. You can take it with or without food, however, a low-fat meal is recommended. If you have a high-fat meal, sorafenib may be less effective. Take the pills something like 1 hour prior or 2 hours after a high-fat supper.

Is sorafenib a chemotherapeutic agent?

Nexavar (sorafenib) is a disease (chemotherapeutic) drug used to treat progressed renal cell carcinoma, a sort of kidney malignant growth. Nexavar is also used to treat liver cancer patients.

Is Sorafenib a Good Medicine?

According to Parikh and colleagues’ analysis of the SEER-Medicare database, patients who received sorafenib had a median survival of 150.5 days compared to only 62 days for controls. Sorafenib’s effectiveness in the real world appears to be consistent and repeatable.

When is the most appropriate time to stop taking sorafenib 200mg?

When the 400 mg/day dose was reinstated, significant side effects recurred, affecting the quality of life, especially when toxicity was linked to tumor growth or when the tumor progressed in the body. the nonappearance of suggestive movement assuming that a second-line preliminary was accessible, sorafenib was removed.

What are the sorafenib side effects?

  • Weight loss, nausea/vomiting
  • diarrhea, lack of appetite
  • changes in taste, dry skin
  • mouth sores, hair loss
  • voice changes or fatigue are all possible side effects.
  • If any of these adverse effects your symptoms persist or worsen, see your doctor or pharmacist immediately away.
  • This medication may cause major negative effects on those who use it. Continue reading

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