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Rizochem is the top renowned third-party pharmaceutical wholesaler & exporter company from India. We are giving our best services since 2011. Rizochem work as a Distributor of medicines to many institutions like the Nuclear Power Corporation of India, Hospital of India Railways, etc. Rizochem is also exporting medicines all over the world. We are also making deals in emergency medicine and anti-cancer medicine. We are a confided-in drug distributor forever saving medications including immunizations and hormonal prescriptions internationally. We are guaranteed by the FDA and the medication regulator of India. Items that go under Branded Generic Pharmaceutical definition is our aptitude. Rizochem Pharmaceutical also provides the solution to procure even those products which are not available in India.

Rizochem is one of the famous Pharmaceutical Exporter company from India.

Rizochem is registered with the Director-General of Foreign Trade. To engage in the trading of pharmaceutical products, Rizochem pharmaceutical exporter companies hold legitimate licenses granted by the relevant governing bodies. Products that we export have been individually registered in the country to which they will be delivered. Every pharmaceutical company that wants to conduct import-export business with any other nation needs to obtain a unique IEC code for import-export. Rizochem is exporting only those products which are tested and approved by the governing bodies of both countries. We took the utmost precautions when packing and storing our pharmaceutical products before and during dispatch to prevent physical or chemical deterioration.

Rizochem is one of the front runners in the export of drugs and other pharma products. The demand for medical products from India is high all over the world. India is additionally known to be the greatest provider of conventional meds from one side of the planet to the other. More than 50% of the global vaccination demands are fulfilled by pharmaceutical exporter companies from India. Recent studies have revealed that India contributes to about 20% of the total pharma import and export that happens all over the world.

Why is Rizochem Indian Pharma Export the best pharmaceutical wholesaler and distributor company in India?

Rizochem Pharmaceutical is mainly focused on.

  • Good of Recognition
  • Good of Regulations
  • Good of our client Completion
  • Cold chain Export with data logger
  • Global Pallet packing

Certificate of Excellence

Emergency Medicine Exporter

We export all types of emergency medicine, our goal is to provide our services in as many countries as possible. Currently, we are providing our services in these countries.

Pharmaceutical Exporter

Rizochem Pharmaceutical has collaborations with those manufacturing units only, which are based on the state of the art manufacturing technologies approved by WHO-GMP, ISO, and various other authorities. Rizochem deals in quality products only based on actual approval/certification and analysis test reports. Rizochem supplies only branded and branded generic medicines from well-known and well-established pharma companies in India to fulfil the needs of urgent and rare medicines from our global customers.