Eribulin Mesylate 0.5mg Ebunat Injection

Trade Name:   Ebunat

Manufacturer  :   Natco

Presentation :   Injection

Strength :   0.5 mg

What is the purpose of eribulin?

An Ebunat Injection injection is used to treat breast cancer that has spread to other places of the body after being treated with conventional chemotherapy drugs. Eribulin has a place in the microtubule elements inhibitors class of anticancer medications. It works by holding threatening development cells back from creating and spreading.

How long is eribulin effective?

Treatment is given on days one and eight of an Ebunat cycle, which lasts 21 days.

Is Ebunat Mesylate effective at shrinking tumors?

Ebunat mechanism of action. Ebun Injection acts by preventing cancer cells from dividing into two separate cells. As a result, it prevents cancer from spreading.

What is the mechanism of Ebunat Injectionmesylate?

Ebun Injection mesylate acts by destroying the cell’s microtubular network, which is required for cell division. Ebunat mesylate prevents microtubules from growing into the “mitotic spindle,” which is the equipment that physically separates portions of the cell during division.

What are the Ebunat Injection side effects?

Low white blood cell count (neutropenia), low red blood cell count (anemia), weakness or tiredness, hair loss (alopecia), nausea, and constipation are the most
prevalent adverse effects of HALAVEN in people with breast cancer.

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How many Ebunat Injection cycles can you have?

Our findings confirm that Ebunat Injection can be active regardless of treatment line [24, 25] and that it appears to be more active in patients who underwent chemotherapy until progression [24, 25]. (more than 6 cycles).

Did Ebunat Injection cause you to lose your hair?

Around 3 to about a month after treatment starts, some or all of your hair might drop out. Hair on your head, as well as facial and body hair, may quitter. Before your hair starts to fall out, you should consider purchasing a wig. During treatment, hair may regrow.

What is the origin of Ebunat Injection?

Ebun Injection is a synthetic version of halichondrin B, a sea sponge-derived chemical. It targets the protein tubulin in cells, similar to other chemotherapy medications, but it attaches to tubulin in a distinct way, interfering with cancer cell proliferation and growth.

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