Oxaliplatin 50mg Injection Oxa

Trade Name: Oxa

Manufacturer:Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Presentation: Injection

Strength: 50mg

oxaliplatin 50mg injection is used to treat which types of cancer?

oxaliplatin 50mg injection is a chemotherapeutic medication. Eloxatin is another name for it. It’s a cancer treatment for colon cancer and other cancers. Oxaliplatin is frequently used in conjunction with other chemotherapy medications.

What is the purpose of oxaliplatin 50mg injection?

Oxaliplatin is a drug that is used in combination with other drugs to treat advanced colon or rectal cancer (cancer that begins in the large intestine). Oxaliplatin is likewise utilized in blending with different medications to keep colon malignant growth from spreading after a medical procedure to eliminate cancer.

What is a unique oxaliplatin 50mg injection side effect?

  • An allergic response is a rare side effect; nonetheless, if you have trouble breathing, feel your throat closing, or have chest pain, seek medical care right away.
  • Rashes, hives, a sudden cough, or swelling of the lips or tongue are all indicators of an allergic reaction.

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How effective is Oxa injection?

The MOSAIC study found that oxaliplatin (in combination with 5-FU/LV) therapy was more effective than 5-FU/LV alone in preventing or delaying disease recurrence in patients who had undergone total surgical resection for stage III colon cancer (data not available).

Will Oxaliplatin cause me to lose my hair?

Some or all of your hair may fall out around 3 to 4 weeks after treatment begins. Hair on your head, as well as facial and body hair, may drop out Before your hair starts to fall out, you should consider purchasing a wig. During treatment, hair may regrow.

Can oxaliplatin harm your liver?

Oxaliplatin-based chemotherapy has been connected to liver harm in a rising number of studies (1–5). Sinusoidal dilatation, hepatocyte decay, fibrosis, and venular blockage are histological indications of oxaliplatin-initiated liver injury (1,2,4,5).

When will I be able to discontinue taking oxaliplatin?

Even in high-risk patients, I almost never use more than eight rounds of oxaliplatin. The IDEA research, in my opinion, allows us to cease oxaliplatin after 3 months; nevertheless, in higher-risk patients, we should debate whether or not to continue the 5-FU/capecitabine for a total of 6 months.

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