Levosulpiride 75mg PANTOMORE LS



Manufacturer: Avalanche Pharmaceuticals

Presentation: Tablet


What is Levosulpiride 75mg used for?

Levosulpiride 75mg is utilized in the treatment of Gastroesophageal reflux sickness (Acid reflux), Irritable gut disorder, indigestion, schizophrenia and misery. Levosulpiride is an abnormal antipsychotic. It works by expanding the arrival of acetylcholine (a synthetic courier).

Levosulpiride 75mg when should I take it?

Levosulpiride Both tablet and injectable versions of this medication are offered. Take the tablet with a meal or as your doctor instructs. To keep the dosage of this medication constant in your body, it’s crucial to take it at the same time each day.

The antacid PANTOMORE LS is it?

How is acidity treated with LEVOSULPIRIDE? By raising the pressure on the inferior oesophageal sphincter, LEVOSULPIRIDE prevents food and stomach acid from backing up into the mouth. This aids in the management of gastro-oesophageal reflux disease.

How long may Levosulpiride be taken?

How long is the Levosulpiride effective? As it is available as either tablets or oral solutions, levosulpiride is often recommended for 4 weeks as per the conditions of use listed on the product’s label. The time frame can potentially be eight weeks (4 weeks for treatment and 4 weeks for the follow-up period).

How safe is levosulpiride for the kidneys?

  • Levosulpiride dosage should therefore be adjusted for patients with chronic renal disease,
  • And it should be stopped as soon as LIM is noticed because it results in a full recovery of symptoms. failed sufferers.

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Is levosulpiride beneficial for GERD?

Conclusions. In patients who also have delayed stomach emptying due to functional dyspepsia, levosulpiride is efficacious and well tolerated. Its effectiveness might be explained by how it affects stomach motor function by enhancing delayed gastric emptying.

Levosulpiride – Is it a steroid?

An antipsychotic drug called levosulpiride is used to treat schizophrenia, frequent heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, mental problems, indigestion, GORD, anxiety disorders, vertigo, and hallucinations. The medication is used to stop early ejaculation.

Is long-term use of levosulpiride safe?

Levosulpiride is a safe and effective medication for treating non-erosive reflux disease and functional dyspepsia with dysmotility-like symptoms.

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