Glucosamine and Diacerein Tablet Cartigen Duo

Trade Name: Cartigen

Manufacturer: Pharmed Ltd

Presentation: Tablet

Strength: 50mg

What is the use of Diacerein glucosamine tablets?

Diacerein + Glucosamine is a combination of two medications: Glucosamine and Diacerein Tablet, both of which are used to treat the symptoms of osteoarthritis. Because it aids in the production of cartilage (the soft tissue that cushions the joints), it also aids in maintaining joint lubrication, which allows for greater movement and flexibility.

What is Cartigen Duo?

Cartigen Duo Glucosamine & Diacerein Tablet is a combination of two medicines. It is used in the treatment of osteoarthritis. It reduces pain and swelling by reducing inflammation. It also reduces friction in the joints and makes physical movements more comfortable and pain-free by taking this Glucosamine and Diacerein Tablet.

How Glucosamine & Diacerein Tablet work?

Cartigen Duo Tablet may be prescribed alone or in combination with another medicine. It should be taken with food. This will prevent you from getting an upset stomach. Take it regularly and do not take more or use it for a longer duration than recommended by your doctor. You should not stop taking the medicine until your doctor tells you it is okay to stop.

Common Side effects of Cartigen Duo Tablet:

Using this medicine may cause a few common side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, constipation, urine discoloration, and heartburn. If you experienced any such side effects that do not resolve with time or get worse, you should let your doctor know. Your doctor may be able to suggest ways of preventing or reducing them.

The medicine may not be suitable for everybody. Before taking it, let your doctor know if you have any medical conditions or disorders. Let your doctor also know all the other medicines you are taking. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should consult their doctors first before using the medicine.

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