Enoxaparin Sodium Injection 40mg Hetparin 40

Trade Name: Hetparin 40

Manufacturer: Hetero Healthcare

Presentation: Injection


What are the Enoxaparin Sodium Syringe Instructions?

As prescribed by your doctor Enoxaparin Sodium drug is injected under the skin into the abdomen, typically once or twice daily (at least 2 inches from your belly button). Avoid injecting into the muscles. Your medical condition and treatment response will determine the dosage and duration of the course of action. For various illnesses, the dosage may also depend on your age and weight. To reap the greatest benefits from this drug, take it frequently. Use it at the same time(s) every day to aid in memory.

what are the Uses of Exoparin?

Injurious blood clots are treated and prevented using enoxaparin. This lessens the chance of having a heart attack or stroke. By reducing the action of blood clotting proteins, this medicine keeps your blood flowing freely. Anticoagulant enoxaparin is also referred to as a “blood thinner.”

what are the Negative effects of Exoparin?

  • Also see the Warning section.
  • At the injection site
  • mild stinging
  • discomfort
  • bruising
  • redness, and edoema could appear.
  • Fever or fatigue can also happen.
  • As soon as possible, let your doctor or pharmacist know if any of these side effects linger or worsen.
  • Keep in mind that your doctor has recommended this medication because they believe it will benefit you more than it will harm you.
  • This medicine have no negative effective and significant to report.

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What are the Precaution of Enoxaparin Sodium?

A recent spinal procedure or puncture, spine issues (such as spondylosis), artificial heart valve(s), kidney or liver disease, bleeding/blood issues (such as low platelet counts), low platelet counts after prior heparin treatment, stroke, high blood pressure, certain eye issues (such as diabetic retinopathy), certain stomach/intestinal issues (such as active or recent ulcers), and certain spine issues (such as spondylosis) should all be disclosed to your doctor or pharmacist prior

Does the SODIUM form of Enoxaparin Sodium interact with any other medications you are taking?

Periodically, you should have laboratory and/or medical tests (such blood counts, including platelets, and testing your stool for blood) done to track your progress or look for adverse effects. In some circumstances, especially if you have renal illness, are pregnant, have artificial heart valves, or to make sure Enoxaparin Sodium is working effectively for you, further lab testing (anti-factor Xa blood levels) should be carried out. For further information, talk to your doctor.

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