Colistimethate Sodium Injection 1MIU Eudomonas 1

Trade Name:Eudomonas 1

Manufacturer: Aver Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd

Presentation: Infusion

Strength1 MIU

Why is Colistimethate Sodium Injection 1MIU used?

Colistimethate Sodium Injection 1MIU are used to treat some bacterial illnesses. The medication colistimethate injection is a member of the antibiotic drug subclass.. It eliminates bacteria to operate. Antibiotics like colistimethate injection cannot treat viral diseases like the common cold, the flu, or other respiratory illnesses.

The antibiotic colistimethate belongs to what class?

Colistin, a polymyxin antibiotic, is used to treat bacterial infections caused by susceptible Gram negative bacteria. Bacillus colistinus produces cyclic polypeptides that are antimicrobial. This molecule is composed of polymyxins E1 and E2, also known as Colistins A, B, and C, which are cell membrane cleaners.

Colistin is a potent antibiotic, right?

The antibiotic colistin has been used successfully to treat infections caused by the Pseudomonas, Escherichia, and Klebsiella species. The data below shows the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) susceptibility data for a select group of therapeutically relevant bacteria: 0.12-128 g/ml for Escherichia coli.

What Colistimethate Sodium Injection 1MIU side effects are there?

  • Dizziness is one of the most typical side effects of colistin.. Numbness, tingling, burning, and prickling, especially in the extremities and tongue.
  • The following are additional effects of colistin:
  • Unsteady speaking.
  • spinning feeling
  • Seizures.
  • significant allergic response

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When does Colistimethate Sodium Injection 1MIU start to work?

Without a loading dose, it can take two to three days to attain appropriate colistin concentrations since the prodrug (CMS) converts slowly to the active drug. (colistin) and the lengthy half-life of colistin (roughly 14.4 hours); the administration of a loading dose may shorten the time to reach the target.

Colistimethate Sodium Injection 1MIU is used to treat what types of infections?

Acinetobacter, Citrobacter, E. coli, Enterobacter, H. influenzae, Klebsiella, Morganella morganii, P. In terms of combating a variety of aerobic gram-negative bacteria, such as P. aeruginosa, Salmonella, Shigella, and many strains of Stenotrophomonas.

Colistimethate Sodium Injection 1MIU is it a steroid?

The medications colistin and neomycin work to kill germs. A steroid is hydrocortisone. It lessens the effects of bodily substances that trigger inflammation. It is a wetting agent, thonzonium.

Is Colistimethate Sodium Injection 1MIU a lethal drug?

Colistin overdose may result in neuromuscular side effects include ataxia, which impairs balance, coordination, and speech, as well as paresthesia, which causes strange skin sensations, lethargy, disorientation, and confusion. Acute renal failure, respiratory paralysis, and death can result from a severe overdose.

What if colistin is ineffective?

Bacteria that are already resistant to all other antibiotics could produce diseases that are genuinely incurable if colistin resistance spreads to those bacteria. Bacteria will undoubtedly find ways to withstand the antibiotics that humans have devised since we cannot stop them from evolving.

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