Cetirizine 5mg 5ml CETIPEN 60ml


Trade Name:CETIPEN 60ml

Manufacturer: Alkem Laboratories Ltd

Presentation: syrup


What is the purpose of cetirCetirizine 5mg 5ml?

Cetirizine 5mg 5ml is an antihistamine that relieves allergy symptoms. The condition it treats is hay fever. conjunctivitis (red, itchy eye)

What is the purpose of Cetirizine 5mg 5ml liquid?

An antihistamine is CETIRIZINE (se TI ra zeen). This medication is used to treat or prevent allergy problems. Additionally, it is utilised to lessen hives and irritating skin rashes.

Is cough medicine made of cetirizine used?

Cetirizine does, in fact, clinically lessen cough brought on by pollen allergies.

What side effects might cetirizine cause?

  • Cetirizine could have negative effects.
  • If any of these symptoms—drowsiness in particular—are severe or persist, let your
  • doctor know.
  • extreme fatigue
  • mouth arid
  • vomiting, diarrhoea, and stomach pain.

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Does cetirizine cause sleepiness?

Despite the fact that cetirizine is probably not going to make you lethargic, certain individuals can encounter this secondary effect, particularly assuming they are taking measurements that are over the reach that is encouraged. If cetirizine makes you sleepy, avoid operating machinery or driving.

What time of day is ideal for taking cetirizine?

Anytime during the day is appropriate to take cetirizine. Since it does not sedate most people, they take it in the morning. It is advisable to take it in the evening if it does make you tired because a small number of people do find it to be sedating.You can take cetirizine regardless of food.

Does cetirizine work well for colds?

Cetirizine oral is utilized to treat cold and sensitivity side effects in the two grown-ups and youngsters, like sniffling, tingling, watery eyes, and runny nose. Adults and children at least 6 months old who have hives (urticaria) can be treated with a cetirizine injection. Other uses for cetirizine not covered in this medicine guide are possible.

Is daily cetirizine use acceptable?

According to John Faraci, MD, assistant professor at Loma Linda University School of Medicine, it is acceptable to use non-sedating antihistamines of a later generation on a regular basis. Examples include loratadine, fexofenadine, and cetirizine.

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