Camphor 25mg Tablet



Manufacturer: DR MOREPEN LTD

Presentation: Tablet

Strength: 25mg

Uses of Camphor 25mg Tablet

Camphor 25mg It is a common ingredient in rub-on creams that are intended to lessen pain from haemorrhoids, cold sores, insect bites, and stings. Itching. Camphor is FDA-approved for topical use on the skin in doses ranging from 3 to 11 percent to relieve itching or irritation.

Can I use Camphor Tablet every day?

When used properly, camphor is generally safe for humans. You can use lotions or creams with modest doses of camphor on your skin. Never use products with more than 11% camphor or undiluted camphor. Prior to applying camphor to your skin, always do a skin patch test.

What drawbacks does camphor have?

Camphor can cause seizures, difficulty breathing, and even death when taken orally. High quantities of camphor can also be dangerous when applied topically or breathed. They may result in skin rashes or seizures.

Side effects of Camphor 25mg Tablet

The accompanying secondary effects might possibly happen during the use of the Wyn Breatheasy inhalant container. It is typically all-around endured when taken in the suggested measurement rules. You might encounter at least one of the accompanying secondary effects:

1. Nasal disturbance
2. Sore throat
3. Consuming sensation
4. Dryness in the nasal hole
5. Heaving.

How long does camphor last in the body?

  • Pharmacokinetics: Peak plasma concentrations happen 1-3 hours after intake,
  • but effects can start as soon as 5–15 minutes after administration.
  • In most cases, clinical toxicity disappears after 24 hours.

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How much camphor may actually kill you?

Hepatic and renal damage can also be brought on by camphor. Convulsions or respiratory failure are the usual causes of death. When camphor is consumed in amounts greater than 50 mg/kg, neurotoxicity is observed [5].

Can camphor result in grey hair?

Camphor has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic characteristics that help Camphor 25mg Tablet battle hair loss, prevent greying, thicken hair, and eliminate lice. Hair follicles are strengthened and your scalp is kept healthy with camphor-enriched hair oil.

What conditions does camphor treat?

The recommended uses for topical camphor include pain relief, the treatment of warts, cold sores, haemorrhoids, osteoarthritis, anti-itch, increasing local blood flow, and acting as an irritating counterbalance. An FDA-approved topical antitussive is camphor (anti-cough). An FDA-approved topical anaesthetic and analgesic, camphor is used to treat pain.

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