atazanavir and ritonavir Virataz R

Trade name: Virataz R

Manufacturer; Hetero healthcare

Presentation : Tablets

Strength :300mg 100mg


What are atazanavir and ritonavir used for?

Adults and children who are at least 3 months old and weigh at least 22 pounds are given atazanavir and ritonavir in combination with other drugs to treat human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection (10 kg). Atazanavir is a type of drug known as a protease inhibitor. It works by reducing the amount of HIV in the bloodstream.

Is atazanavir an antibiotic?

No, atazanavir (Reyataz) is an antiretroviral drug used exclusively to treat HIV. It cannot be used to treat any other virus or bacteria-related ailment.

What is the most prevalent atazanavir adverse effect?

abdominal discomfort,
rash, and elevated bilirubin levels, which can lead to jaundice, are all common adverse effects of atazanavir.

Does atazanavir cause jaundice?

Unconjugated (indirect) and total serum bilirubin levels rise with atazanavir therapy (similar to indinavir), which can cause jaundice in up to 10% of patients.

What type of drug is atazanavir GCSE?

Atazanavir (previously known as BMS-232632) is a protease inhibitor (PI) antiretroviral medication. It is used to treat human immunodeficiency virus infection, just like other antiretrovirals (HIV).

What are the side effects of ritonavir?

Ritonavir has the potential to induce adverse effects. If any of these symptoms are persistent or severe, see your doctor:

  • sleepiness.
  • diarrhoea.
  • gas.
  • heartburn.
  • Changes in food-tasting ability.
  • headache.
  • Hands, feet, or the area around the mouth are numb, burning, or tingling.
  • ache in the muscles or joints.

Why is ritonavir used as a booster?

The medicine is, however, advised as a supplement to other protease inhibitors. This is because ritonavir prevents other protease inhibitors from being metabolized through the CYP3A4 route in the liver. As a result, these medications have larger blood concentrations and are cleared from the body more slowly.

What drugs does ritonavir interact with?

Many drugs interact with ritonavir. Cobicistat, disulfiram, and orlistat are some of the products that may interact with this medication. Ritonavir can impact the way other drugs work by slowing or speeding up their elimination from your body.

Is ritonavir an antiretroviral?

Ritonavir was the second HIV protease inhibitor to be authorized by the FDA, and it showed early promise as a strong antiviral drug.

What drugs does ritonavir boost?

Protease inhibitors that have been enhanced with ritonavir. For the treatment of HIV infection, six protease inhibitors are now recommended. Lopinavir, atazanavir, fosamprenavir, darunavir, tipranavir, and saquinavir are some of them. In all cases, they should be used in conjunction with ritonavir boosters. To know more click here.

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