ARTIPEN Artesunate 60mg injection


Trade Name: ARTIPEN

Manufacturer: Dr morepen

Presentation: Injection


What is ARTIPEN Artesunate 60mg injection used for?

Artesunate 60mg injection is used to treat severe malaria. This treatment is also used to treat severe malaria caused by Plasmodium ovale or Plasmodium vivax in combination with other medications (e.g., an 8-aminoquinoline medicine). Antimalarials are a class of drugs that include artesunate.

How is IV Artesunate injection given?

The recommended dosage of Artesunate for Injection is 2.4 mg/kg taken intravenously at 0 hours, 12 hours, and 24 hours, and afterward, provided once daily until the patient is able to tolerate the oral antimalarial Artesunate 60mg injection.

How effective is an artesunate injection?

Artesunate 60mg injection is very effective against multidrug-resistant falciparum malaria and severe malaria in Vietnam, Thailand, China, and Myanmar [23]; however, only limited investigations have been out in Africa.

Is Artesunate injection an antibiotic?

By weakening NO-mediated protection from antibiotics and generating damaging hydrogen peroxide bursts, artesunate may function as a promising antibiotic synergist for killing multidrug-resistant pathogenic bacteria.

How do you mix artesunate injection?

Using a syringe, add 5 ml of sodium chloride 0.9 percent for injection to the vial containing the reconstituted artesunate solution. This will generate 6 ml of a solution containing artesunate 10 mg/ml. 2. Shake to blend well, ensuring that the final solution is still clear.

How artesunate injection is used?

Artipen injection is used to treat severe malaria. This medicine is also used combined with other medicines (eg, 8-aminoquinoline medicine) to treat severe malaria caused by Plasmodium ovale or Plasmodium vivax.


  • Artesunate injection is utilized in the treatment of wild fever.
  • Illuminate your PCP expecting you are oversensitive to Artesunate 60mg Injection.
  • Take the necessary steps not to begin or go on with Artesunate 60mg Imbuement and course your PCP expecting you are in the fundamental 3 months of pregnancy on the other hand on the off chance that you are breastfeeding.
  • Really try not to drive or work contraption just in the wake of taking it since you could feel languid.
  • Edify your PCP assuming you notice influenza like delayed consequences, for example, chills, fever, muscle torments and any developments right away.
  • You might be referenced a standard blood test once every week while taking this medication.

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