Acetylcysteine Injection BP 2ml Mucotroy

Trade Name:Mucotroy

Manufacturer:Troikaa Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Presentation: Injection

Strength: 2ml

Can Acetylcysteine Injection BP be administered intravenously (IM)?

It is best to use glucose 5 percent as the infusion fluid when giving N-Acetylcysteine Injection BP by intravenous infusion. If glucose 5 percent is not appropriate, a solution of sodium chloride 0.9 percent may be utilised. Use an appropriate infusion pump to provide doses.

How is IV acetylcysteine administered?

The following is the dosage regimen for the 21-hour IV protocol: 150 mg/kg up to a maximum of 15 g in 200 ml as the loading dosage 5 percent dextrose in water for 60 minutes. Second (maintenance) dose: 50 mg/kg in a 500 ml dose, up to a maximum of 5 gm. A 5% dextrose solution (12.5 mg/kg/hour) of water for 4 hours.

What happens if acetylcysteine is IV administered?

Patients receiving acetylcysteine intravenously have been reported to have experienced severe anaphylactoid reactions, including one patient with asthma dying as a result. Patients taking intravenous acetylcysteine may have acute flushing and cutaneous erythema.

What are the adverse consequences of 2ml of Acetylcysteine Injection BP?

  • If you notice any of the following, notify your doctor or nurse right away:
  • face, lips, or tongue swelling
  • breathing problems such as wheezing.
  • Having a sick feeling.
  • the injection site is irritated.
  • Itching and skin rash.
  • flushing (red face or feeling hot)
  • Resulting from low blood pressure, dizziness

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What is the purpose of Acetylcysteine Injection BP?

Treatment for paracetamol overdose involves the injection of acetylcysteine (where you may have taken too much paracetamol). If you have taken a dose of paracetamol that could be hazardous, you will be given an injection of acetylcysteine. The liver is shielded by acetylcysteine from harm caused by excessive paracetamol use.

What is the purpose of Acetylcysteine Injection BP?

Acetylcysteine is used to assist avoid or decrease the liver damage brought on by an acetaminophen overdose. To buy this drug, you only need a prescription from your doctor. There are several dosing formulations for this product: Solution.

How can Acetylcysteine Injection BP overdose be prevented?

Acetylcysteine dosage is determined by the patient’s weight, and the initial protocol calls for a series of intravenous loading doses: 150 mg/kg over 15 min, 50 mg/kg over 4 h, 100 mg/kg over 16 h, for a total dose of 300 mg/kg to be administered over 20 h 15 min [Prescott et al.

How is Acetylcysteine Injection BP 20 percent diluted?

Glass bottles carrying 30 mL of either the 10% or 20% acetylcysteine solution are available. The 20 percent solution can be diluted to a lower concentration using sterile water for injection, sterile water for inhalation, sodium chloride inhalation solution, or sodium chloride injection.

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