Trastuzumab 150 mg Injection Trasturel

Trade Name: Trasturel

Manufacturer: Reliance Life Sciences

Presentation: Injection

Strength: 150mg

What is the purpose of Trastuzumab 150 mg Injection Trasturel?

Herceptin is known by the generic name Trastuzumab 150 mg Injection Trasturel. In some circumstances, it’s used to treat breast cancer, esophageal cancer, and stomach cancer.

What is Trastuzumab 150 mg Injection Trasturel and how does it work?

Trastuzumab 150 mg Injection Trasturel is a drug that is used to treat cancers of the breast, stomach, and oesophagus. This medicine is used to treat cancers that produce an excessive amount of a chemical known as HER2 protein. Trastuzumab is a monoclonal antibody, which means it belongs to a class of drugs called monoclonal antibodies.

What are theTrastuzumab 150 mg Injection Trasturel side effects?

Fever, chills, headache, infection, congestive heart failure, sleeplessness, cough, and rash are the most prevalent adverse effects found in the treatment of metastatic breast cancer (based on intravenous trastuzumab). For additional information on the benefits and hazards of HERCEPTIN HYLECTA, speak with a healthcare practitioner.

Is it possible to cure HER2-positive cancer?

HER2-positive breast cancer is thought to be treatable according to recent medical breakthroughs. HER2-positive breast cancer is treated with targeted treatment. Depending on the aggressiveness of the cancer, surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and hormone therapy may be combined with targeted therapy.

What is the duration of your trastuzumab treatment?

Trastuzumab is commonly administered for one year following surgery if you have primary breast cancer (around 18 cycles). If you’re on trastuzumab before surgery, expect to go through four to six cycles.

Is trastuzumab associated with hair loss?

Trastuzumab treatment does not cause hair loss as a common side effect. If you receive trastuzumab with chemotherapy, you may develop hair loss as a side effect of the chemotherapy.

What is the mechanism of action of trastuzumab?

Trastuzumab’s Mechanism of Action

Trastuzumab is made up of two antigen-specific sites that bind to the juxtamembrane part of the HER2 receptor’s extracellular domain and block its intracellular tyrosine kinase from being activated. The rest of the antibody is composed of human IgG with a conserved Fc component. for more detail Click Here.

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