Thalidomide Capsule 100mg Thaloda

Trade Name: Thaloda

Manufacturer: Alkem Laboratories Ltd

Presentation: Capsule

Strength: 100mg

What is Thalidomide Capsule 100mg used for today?

Thalidomide Capsule 100mg was used to alleviate morning sickness during pregnancy in the 1950s and 1960s. However, it was discovered that babies born to people who used the medicine had problems. Thalomid (Thalomid) is now used to treat skin disease and cancer decades later.

When should I take thalidomide?

Thalidomide is usually taken once a day with water, at least 1 hour before bedtime and after a meal. Your doctor may urge you to take thalidomide more than once a day, at least 1 hour after meals, if you’re being treated for ENL with it. Take thalidomide at the same time every day (s).

What is the side effect of thalidomide?

Birth malformations, sensory peripheral neuropathy, somnolence, rash, tiredness, and constipation are the most serious side effects of thalidomide. Deep venous thrombosis, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, increased liver enzymes, lethargy, and peripheral edoema are some of the less prevalent side effects.

Is thalidomide a blood thinner?

Other risk factors include prolonged bed rest (for example, following surgery) or lengthy periods of sitting, obesity, smoking, and heart disease. Anticoagulants (blood thinners) or aspirin are commonly recommended to thalidomide patients. These are medications that reduce the likelihood of blood clotting.

How long can you take thalidomide?

You’ll need to take thalidomide every day for up to 9 cycles if you’re taking it with other cancer therapies. Each therapy cycle is 3–4 weeks long. Thalidomide is usually taken on its own for as long as it helps you and the side effects aren’t too severe.

Does thalidomide cause hair loss?

Thromboembolism, myelosuppression, peripheral neuropathy, dizziness, somnolence, bradycardia, constipation, and dermatological symptoms such as mild-to-severe rash, dry skin, acne, alopecia, and brittle nails have all been linked to thalidomide.

Is thalidomide still used in Canada?

As a result, the fact that thalidomide is once again available may come as a shock. The medicine has been repurposed in Canada, and it now plays a critical role in the treatment of multiple myeloma, the world’s second most common blood disease. To know more click here.

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