Saquinavir Mesylate 500mg Tablets Maximune

Trade name: Maximune

Manufacturer: Cipla Ltd

Presentation : Tablets

Strength :500mg

What is the purpose of Saquinavir Mesylate?

To treat human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection Saquinavir Mesylate, s is used with ritonavir (Norvir) and other drugs. Protease inhibitors, such as saquinavir, are a type of medication. It works by reducing the amount of HIV in the bloodstream.

Is the antiviral drug saquinavir a protease inhibitor?

AIDS: The first protease inhibitor to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in conjunction with one or more unidentified nucleoside analogs is saquinavir, marketed by Hoffmann-LaRoche under the brand name Invirase.

What are the different functional groups in Saquinavir Mesylate?

  • The aspartic acid derivative saquinavir is made through formal
  • condensation of the main amino group of aspartic acid (2S,3R)
  • -4-[(3S,4aS,8aS)
  • -3-(tert-butylcarbamoyl)octahydroisoquinolin-2(1H)-yl]
  • N(2) carboxy group on -3-hydroxy-1-phenylbutan-2-ylamine (-quinolin-2-ylcarbonyl)
  • -L-asparagine. A protease inhibitor for HIV-1. To know more click here.

Is the drug saquinavir still in use?

Saquinavir Mesylate was approved for use in the United States in 1995 and is still widely used for the prevention and treatment of HIV infection in adults and children in combination with other antiretroviral medicines.

Is saquinavir an inhibitor that is competitive or non-competitive?

Darunavir and the chemically similar amprenavir showed mixed-type competitive-uncompetitive inhibition in the kinetic study of wild-type and mutant protease, whereas saquinavir demonstrated competitive inhibition.

Saquinavir has how many stereogenic centers?

Saquinavir has six chiral centers, resulting in 64 potential stereoisomers; however, only one stereoisomer is chosen for the commercial formulation. The active chemical is synthesized in a multi-step procedure.

Is saquinavir considered a prodrug?

Synthesis, stability, and anti-HIV activity of HIV protease inhibitors made from diglycerides or amino acids, such as saquinavir, indinavir, and nelfinavir.

How did saquinavir come to be?

SAQUINAVIR’S DEVELOPMENT: Computer-assisted rational design approaches were used to create saquinavir, a transition-stage counterpart of an HIV proteinase cleavage site. It’s a highly selective HIV-1 and -2 proteinase inhibitor, with antiviral efficacy at 1000-fold lower concentrations than those that cause cytotoxicity.

What is saquinavir’s method of action?

Saquinavir is a peptide-like substrate analog that binds to the active site of a protease and prevents it from working. Inhibition of saquinavir hinders the cleavage of viral polyproteins, which leads to the creation of immature, noninfectious virus particles.

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