Rituximab Injection 100/500mg Ritcema

Trade Name:Ritcema

Manufacturer:Celon Labs

Presentation: Injection

Strength: 100/500mg

Why is an Rituximab Injection 100/500mg used?

Non-lymphoma Hodgkin’s is a kind of cancer that is treated with Rituximab Injection 100/500mg either alone or in combination with other medications (NHL). Additionally, it is used in conjunction with other cancer treatments to treat mature B-cell acute leukaemia and non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) (B-AL).

Is it safe to inject rituximab?

Skin and mouth responses to rituximab injectable products have been severe and potentially fatal. Tell your doctor right away if you suffer any of the following symptoms: blisters, rash, or peeling skin, as well as uncomfortable sores or ulcers on the lips, mouth, or skin.

What is an injection of rituximab?

Monoclonal antibody RITUXIMAB is pronounced ri TUX I mab. It is used to treat several cancers, including chronic lymphocytic leukaemia and non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Additionally, it is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, microscopic polyangiitis, Wegener’s granulomatosis, and pemphigus vulgaris.

What negative consequences might Rituximab Injection 100/500mg cause?

  • fever.
  • runny nose, aching throat, and other persistent cold symptoms.
  • flu symptoms including fatigue, body aches, and coughing.
  • headache or ear pain
  • discomfort while urinating.
  • throat or mouth sores that are cold sores.
  • Red, heated, swelling, or painful wounds, scratches, or incisions.

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How long does it take Rituximab Injection 100/500mg to start working?

Rituximab takes around 4-6 weeks to take effect, and depending on the severity of your kidney illness, you may need to take other immunosuppressant medications for another 4–8 weeks or quit them right away. Rituximab typically has a six to nine month duration of action.

What percentage of times does Rituximab Injection 100/500mg work?

Patients with relapsed disease were evaluated in a phase 2 trial using rituximab combined with bendamustine (Treanda, Cephalon). With an ORR of 92%, this combination was discovered to be quite successful.

Will Rituximab Injection 100/500mg cause me to lose my hair?

Your hair could completely fall out. Your legs, underarms, underarm hair, and, on occasion, pubic hair are among these. Your hair will normally grow back after the therapy is finished, although it probably won’t be as thick. It might reappear in a different colour or with more curl than before.

What symptoms did rituximab cause?

Following a Rituxan (rituximab) treatment, you can encounter certain negative responses or side effects that make you feel sick. Rituxan has a variety of effects on individuals, but the most frequent ones include fever (high temperature), muscle aches, headaches, and chills, which are symptoms of infection.

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