Progesterone IP 200mg PROGYFINE 200


Trade Name:PROGYFINE 200

Manufacturer: Aristo Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd

Presentation: Tablet


Will I get my period while taking Progesterone IP 200mg?

Progesterone IP 200mg function by altering the uterus. The lining of the uterus begins to slough off as the blood level of progestins falls, and vaginal bleeding develops (menstrual period).

The effects of 2Progesterone IP 200mg?

To avoid endometrial hyperplasia, the thickening of the uterine lining, do the following: Adults: For a 28-day menstrual cycle, take 200 milligrammes (mg) once day at bedtime for 12 consecutive days. Use is not advised for kids.

What is the purpose of progesterone?

The ovaries secrete a hormone called progesterone. Progesterone levels that are fluctuating can cause irregular menstrual cycles and menopausal symptoms. Additionally required for maintaining pregnancy and uterine implantation of the fertilised egg is progesterone.

Does progesterone have to be taken at night?

  • Progesterone is advised to be taken before night because it has a sedative effect and aids in the restoration of regular sleep patterns.
  • Progesterone is a bioidentical hormone, not a medication, which should be emphasised.

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Does progesterone prevent menstruation?

In women of childbearing age who had regular periods before ceasing to menstruate, progesterone is also used to induce menstruation (period). Progesterone is a member of the progestin drug class (female hormones).

Progesterone’s ability to trigger weight gain?

Progesterone does not directly promote weight gain, but it does stimulate your appetite, giving the impression that you are eating more and gaining weight as a result. However, progesterone only has a little role in maintaining hormone balance and controlling weight. Other hormonal abnormalities can also result in weight gain.

How soon after taking progesterone does the menstrual begin?

If you are not pregnant, you will be told to stop taking the progesterone and to anticipate your period in 2–5 days (you should call us if a menses does not happen inside around 5 days of halting progesterone).

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