Manufacturer: Perk Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Presentation: SUSP

Strength:125 MG

What is the purpose of Para 125?

Para 125 In clinical practise, medications like as paracetamol (PAR), phenylephrine hydrochloride (PHE), and chlorpheniramine maleate (CPM) are frequently used as analgesics and antipyretics to reduce pain and fever during cold and flu symptoms.

What is the purpose of Para 125?

Chlorpheniramine treats sensitivities, roughage fever, and the normal virus by facilitating side effects like runny nose, bothersome, watery eyes, wheezing, irritated throat, and red eyes. Chlorpheniramine helps with the administration of cold and sensitivity side effects, however it doesn’t address the fundamental wellspring of the side effects or hurry recuperation.

Is phenylephrine a sedative?

Decongestants. Cold medications typically include a decongestant ingredient because congestion in the nose and/or chest is the primary symptom of a cold. Phenylephrine and pseudoephedrine are two examples. These frequently do not make people drowsy and may even make them feel energetic or more alert.

Is hydrochloride of phenylephrine an antibiotic?

  • A decongestant called phenylephrine is used to alleviate nasal congestion and stuffy nose brought on by the common cold, hay fever, or other allergens.
  • There are additional uses for phenylephrine not covered by this pharmaceutical guide.

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How soon does chlorphenamine start to work?

In around 1 to 2 hours, this drug will begin to work, and upgrades in clinical pointers ought to follow.

What is the duration of chlorphenamine?

Following oral treatment, chlorphenamine is actually assimilated from the gastrointestinal parcel. The impacts begin to appear quickly, arrive at their top in 1 to 2 hours, and go on for 4 to 6 hours.

Is chlorpheniramine safe to take every day?

Until your symptoms go away, chlorpheniramine is often only taken for a brief period of time. Take no more than seven days in a row. If your symptoms do not go away after 7 days of treatment, or if you have a fever, headache, or skin rash, consult your doctor.

What phenylephrine side effects are there?

There could be a mild stomach ache, problems falling asleep, headache, jitters, shaking, or a rapid heartbeat. Illuminate your PCP or drug specialist straightaway assuming any of these aftereffects persevere or deteriorate. Your hands or feet may become cold as a result of this product’s potential blood flow reduction.

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