octreotide 20 mg acetate Injection Octride Depot

Trade Name: Octreotide Acetate

Manufacturer: Sun Pharma

Presentation: Injection

Strength: 20mg

What is octreotide 20 mg used for?

octreotide 20 mg immediate-release injection is used to reduce the amount of growth hormone (a natural substance) produced by people who cannot be treated for acromegaly (a condition in which the body produces too much growth hormone, resulting in enlargement of the hands, feet, and facial features, as well as joint pain and other symptoms).

What is octreotide used for the liver?

Octreotide, a synthetic counterpart of somatostatin, has recently been found to be an effective treatment for gastroenteropancreatic endocrine tumours and hepatocellular carcinoma. It may also be used to treat diarrhoea caused by chemotherapy.

When should I start taking octreotide?

Cirrhosis causes variceal bleeding, hence starting octreotide in people with cirrhosis is a good idea. Patients with jaundice, ascites or hepatic encephalopathy are among those who have known or suspected alcoholic liver disease.

Does octreotide shrink tumours?

Octreotide is beneficial in the treatment of carcinoid syndrome symptoms. Octreotide can decrease carcinoid tumours temporarily, but it does not cure them. The original form of octreotide (Sandostatin®) is injected twice daily under the skin (subcutaneously).

Does octreotide lower blood pressure?

Treatment with octreotide is linked to an increase in 24-hour and overnight blood pressure, as well as a disruption in the circadian blood pressure rhythm. This behaviour could be explained by this drug’s splanchnic vasoconstriction, which causes blood to flow to peripheral vessels.

Can octreotide cause shortness of breath?

This medication seldom causes a severe allergic reaction. However, if you detect any symptoms of a major allergic response, such as a rash, itching/swelling (particularly of the face, tongue, or throat), extreme dizziness, or difficulty breathing, seek medical attention right away. To know more click here.

Why use octreotide esophageal varices?

In the treatment of bleeding varices, octreotide has been proven to be at least as effective as vasopressin, with fewer and less severe systemic side effects. Additionally, octreotide has been linked to a reduction in the requirement for blood transfusions.

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