nelfinavir 250 mg tablet nelvir

Trade name:nelvir

Manufacturer :Cipla Ltd

Presentation :Tablets

Strength :250 mg

What is nelfinavir used for?

This medicine, called nelfinavir, is used with other medicines to treat the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). It is in a group of medicines called protease inhibitors. It works by cutting down on the amount of HIV in the blood.

What is another name for nelvir?

Viracept[Nelvir ]is an antiviral medicine that stops HIV cells from multiplying in your body. The drug Viracept is used to treat people who have HIV (human immunodeficiency virus).

What do you mix Nelfinavir with?

  • The powder can be mixed with water
  • milk
  • formula
  • soy formula
  • or soy milk and then drank.
  • You should not mix your food with acidic foods like apple juice or orange juice.
  • Rinse the cup with more water, then drink. To know more click here 

Is Nelfinavir agonist or antagonist?

Statement of significance: nelvir, which is being looked at for new use as an anticancer drug, is shown here to directly bind to the human pregnane X receptor (PXR) and act as a partial agonist and competitive antagonist.

Is Nelfinavir still used?

Nelvir is part of a group of drugs called protease inhibitors (PIs), and like other PIs, it is almost always used with other antiretroviral drugs.

Why you should not mix Nelfinavir with acidic food or beverage?

Do not mix the medicine with foods or juices that are acidic, like orange juice or apple juice/sauce. This could make the medicine taste bitter. The dosage is based on your weight, liver function, medical condition, other medications, and how well it works for you. For the best results, take this medicine at the same time every day.

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