Mometasone Furoate 0.1% Cream Dermanex

Trade name; Dermanex

Manufacturer: Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd

 Presentation: Cream

Strength: 10g

What is the purpose of mometasone furoate?

Dermatological therapies containing mometasone furoate are used to treat itchy, puffy, and irritated skin conditions. A variety of eczematous conditions, including atopic and seborrheic, as well as psoriasis, can be improved with their use.

Do you think mometasone is a powerful steroid?

Itching, swelling, and redness can all be reduced with the use of Dermanex (a corticosteroid). Dermanex is a corticosteroid of medium potency. The cream, ointment, and lotion versions of this drug are all available (solution). Skin conditions and the area of the body being treated are taken into consideration when deciding on a product.

What are the side effects of Dermanex?

Dermanex may have adverse effects. Speak with your physician if any of    the   following signs and symptoms are bothersome or persistent:

  • Skin irritations such as itchiness, redness, or dryness.
  • lesions on the skin
  • a little rash or rash around the mouth that is reddish in spots.
  • lumps on the skin that can be white, red, or both.
  • The appearance of a bruised or glossy surface on the skin.
  • alterations in the hue of the skin. To know more Click here.

How long does Dermanex take to take effect?

Dermanex may help alleviate your symptoms within a few days, but it may take up to two weeks before you get the full benefits of the medication. Dermanex is most effective when used on a regular basis. You should take Dermanex every day unless your doctor tells you to take it only when necessary.

Can you buy Dermanex over the counter?

Adults can acquire it from pharmacies for treating symptoms caused by allergic rhinitis, where it is typically advertised as Clarinaze. It also comes as a cream, ointment, or scalp lotion for eczema and psoriasis.

How much stronger is mometasone compared to hydrocortisone?

Compared to hydrocortisone twice daily, the moderate-potency steroid Dermanex resulted in a far larger improvement. More than 25 percent of a patient’s body surface area was associated with a significant difference in therapy outcomes.

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