Imatinib 400mg Tablet Mitinab

Trade Name: Mitinab

Manufacturer: Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Presentation: Tablet

Strength: 400mg

What is Mitinab 400 mg Tablet utilized for?

Mitinab 400 mg Tablet is endorsed to treat: Acute lymphoblastic leukemia in grown-ups and youngsters that is Philadelphia chromosome-positive. In grown-ups, it is utilized for sickness that has repeated (return) or is obstinate (doesn’t answer therapy).

Is imatinib chemotherapy?

Imatinib, sold under the brand names Gleevec and Glivec (both promoted overall by Novartis) among others, is an oral chemotherapy medicine used to treat malignant growth.

Is imatinib protected to utilize?

Imatinib can cause liquid development, which can harm or debilitate your heart. Let your doctor know if you have or have had any heart issues. They can examine the security of you utilizing imatinib. On the off chance that you have a hypereosinophilic condition, taking imatinib can expand your gamble for serious heart harm.

What are the imatinib Mitinab 400 mg Tablet side effects?

  • Increasingly common
  • Pain, cramping, burning, or soreness in the abdomen or stomach.
  • After surgery, there is bleeding from the wound.
  • There are issues with bleeding.
  • Face, hands, lower legs, or feet bloating or edoema
  • Urine with blood in it.
  • bloodshot eye
  • a nasal bleed
  • The lips and fingernails are blue.

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What is tab Mitinab 400 mg Tablet imatinib?

This drug is utilized to treat particular kinds of malignant growth, (for example, intense lymphoblastic leukemia, constant myeloid leukemia, gastrointestinal stromal cancers, and myelodysplastic/myeloproliferative sicknesses).

What amount of time could I at any point require Mitinab 400 mg Tablet imatinib?

The ideal term of treatment is obscure however for the most part imatinib ought to be gone on for 6-9 months, after which extra growth shrinkage is normally minor.

What diseases does Mitinab 400 mg Tablet imatinib treat?

Imatinib is utilized to treat specific kinds of leukemia (a disease that starts in the white platelets) and different tumors and problems with the platelets.

What occurs in the event that I quit taking imatinib?

A sum of 61% of patients lost imperceptible negligible lingering illness at the middle of 2.5 months after stopping of imatinib for CML; no repeats happened following 22 months.

Does imatinib cause go bald?

Generally speaking, the medication is all around endured: nonetheless, secondary effects should be visible. Going bald and paronychia aggravation were frequently announced with Imatinib, however, absolute alopecia was seldom referenced. We report a CML patient who was given alopecia and paronychia irritation most likely incited by imatinib treatment.

Who shouldn’t take imatinib?

Try not to utilize imatinib assuming that you are pregnant. It could hurt the unborn child or cause birth absconds. Utilize viable contraception to forestall pregnancy while you are utilizing imatinib and for something like 14 days after your last portion.

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