Lignocaine Hydrochloride and Dextrose Injection IP 5% Lignorays

Trade Name:Lignorays

Manufacturer: Parcotic Healthcare Pvt Ltd

Presentation: injection

Strength: 5%

What is the purpose of an Lignocaine Hydrochloride?

What is the purpose of Lignocaine Hydrochloride? Lignocaine Injection is a member of the local anesthetic and antiarrhythmic drug classes of medications. Local anesthetics block pain and sensation surrounding the injection site, and antiarrhythmic medications act by bringing irregular and/or erratic heartbeats back to normal.

What occurs after an IV lignocaine injection?

However, an intravenous injection of lidocaine prevents tachycardia, the rise in blood pressure that is frequently brought on by endotracheal intubation, and also helps to lessen the overall demand for oxygen in the heart tissue.

What medical emergencies call for lignocaine?

Oncologic pain, chronic pain resistant to opioids, and surgical pain have all been treated with intravenous lidocaine. According to recent research, intravenous lidocaine may also be helpful for treating painful diseases in the emergency room.

What side effects does Lignocaine Hydrochloride have?

  • Negative effects
  • Blurred or double vision; lips, nails, or palms that are bluish in color.
  • chest discomfort or agony.
  • pallid, clammy, and chilly skin
  • an ongoing buzzing, ringing, or other strange sounds in the ears.
  • having trouble breathing
  • having trouble swallowing
  • feeling lightheaded or dizzy.

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What Is The Duration Of The Numbness?

Lidocaine’s numbing properties can take effect right away after injection. It can start in as short as four minutes and linger for up to three hours.

How long does it take Lignocaine to start working?

It functions by preventing nerves from communicating pain signals to the brain. Any discomfort at the operation location will be reduced by applying lidocaine skin lotion beforehand (such as a needle being used to take blood). The action of lidocaine cream is rather rapid. In between 30 and 60 minutes, the majority of people will begin to experience numbness.

What are the uses of Lignocaine Hydrochloride?

Insect bites, small burns (including sunburn), skin abrasions, and other painful conditions involving mucous membranes can all be temporarily numbed and relieved with lidocaine. Before some medical/dental operations, the lining of the mouth or throat is numbed with some medications containing lidocaine.

Does Lignocaine Hydrochloride cause you to fall asleep?

Drowsiness or an overt feeling of sleepiness is one of the infrequent side effects of topical lidocaine. If these side effects are severe or worrisome, consult your doctor right away. Take care to avoid overdosing to avoid any negative side effects.

Are injections of lidocaine safe?

Your thinking or reactions may be affected by the side effects of a lidocaine injection. If at all possible, avoid driving after taking this medication. After receiving a lidocaine injection to numb your mouth or throat, wait an hour before eating or chewing.

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