itraconazole bp 1.0% ITRAMORE 1% GEL


Trade Name:ITRAMORE 1% GEL

Manufacturer:Koye Pharmaceuticals Pvt ltd

Presentation: GEL


What use does itraconazole bp 1.0% serve?

itraconazole bp 1.0% A number of fungal infections are treated with itraconazole. It is a member of the azole antifungals medication class.It capabilities by keeping growth from developing.

Do people use itraconazole bp 1.0% for skin infections?

Itraconazole, along with terbinafine and fluconazole, is a favoured treatment option for fungal infections of the skin, nails, and mucous membranes since it is one of today’s most powerful systemic antifungal medications and has a favourable risk-benefit ratio.

How long should itraconazole be used?

Itraconazole oral solution is typically taken once or twice daily for 1 to 4 weeks, or occasionally longer, on an empty stomach. Ask your primary care physician or drug specialist to make sense of any directions on your medicine name that you are uncertain about following. Itraconazole ought to be taken precisely as endorsed.

What are the itraconazole’s side effects?

  • more typical
  • reduced urine production
  • heightened thirst
  • unsteady heartbeat
  • mood swings
  • cramping or aching muscles.
  • shivering or deadness in the lips, feet, or hands.
  • unexpected weakness or fatigue.

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What brings on a fungus infection?

Parasites recreate by scattering spores, which can be inhaled or gotten through direct touch. For this reason your skin, nails, or lungs are the most probable region of your body to get a contagious contamination. As well as entering your skin and hurting your organs, parasites can likewise taint your whole body fundamentally.

Can itraconazole relieve itch?

A broad-spectrum antifungal drug called itraconazole prevents the growth of fungus. It offers respite from uncomfortable signs of fungi infections, like itching. Itraconazole can cure and inhibit the growth of fungus in a variety of body parts affected by fungal infections.

What do fungus diseases resemble?

A fungal skin infection can affect a vast region and frequently appears bright red. Additional characteristics of a fungus-related skin rash include: At the border, the colour is more vibrant. Scale becomes more vivid near the edge.

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