Hyaluronic Acid Injection Restylane

Trade name: Restylane

Manufacturer: Galderma,

Presentation: Injections

Strength: 1mg

How long do hyaluronic acid injections last?

The injections should last 6-12 months with the greater molecular weight of hyaluronic acid. We believe those repeat injections every 6-12 months are safe.

How successful are Restylane injections?

Restylane injections have been shown in studies to be more effective than painkillers for certain persons with OA. They may also work as effectively as corticosteroid knee injections, according to other research.

How often can you have Restylane injections?

Restylane injections are recommended every six months or so. Many people discover that the injections provide enough relief that they are able to postpone or even avoid having their knees replaced.

Does Medicare pay for Restylane injections?

Yes, knee injections that have been approved by the FDA will be covered by Medicare. Injections of hyaluronan are included in this. The doctor must take x-rays to show osteoarthritis in the knee, as required by Medicare. One injection every six months is covered by the policy. To know more click here.

Can you drive after the Restylane injection?

The impact of the HA usually takes several days to take effect. If you’re having a local anesthetic, which can produce numbness and make driving difficult, you might want to plan alternate transportation home following your injection.

Are Restylane injections safe?

When used orally, Restylane is probably safe when administered correctly. Allergic responses can occur, but they are rare. When used correctly, hyaluronic acid is likely harmless when applied to the skin. Allergic responses can occur, but they are rare. To know more click here.

Are hyaluronic acid knee injections painful?

Although hyaluronic acid injection for the knee is generally thought to be a safe surgery, it does come with some risks and adverse effects. Mild swelling and soreness at the injection site are the most prevalent side effects of this surgery.

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