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What is a HIV Kit test?

HIV Kit A neutralizer test for HIV that can be utilized at home or in a confidential setting is known as a speedy individual test (or individual test). You can get the aftereffects of a HIV individual test in just 20 minutes.

How can I utilise a home HIV Kit test?

Before you start, go over the test pack’s guidelines.
You need to swab your gums to acquire an oral fluid sample for an HIV self-test, and then test your sample.
In something like 20 minutes, you will approach your outcomes.
The test probably won’t work on the off chance that you don’t adhere to the guidelines precisely as expressed. If you need assistance utilising the HIV self-test, a phone number is provided.

What is self-testing for HIV?

Self-testing for HIV is a convenient way to check your status at any time or place. HIV self-testing kits come with simple instructions and may be used anywhere you like, either alone or with assistance from a trusted person in person or online.

HIV self-testing is collecting your own fluid sample (blood or oral fluid) and following instructions to check for the presence of HIV antibodies. In some self-testing kits, a blood sample is required, while in others, an oral fluid sample is required. We provide oral fluid-based HIV self-testing kits through Safe Zindagi. Here, you can order a kit.

HIV self-testing is simply a screening test; if you test positive, you must visit a clinic for a confirming test. It is advised that if you screen negative, you engage in risk-reducing habits like using condoms and retest every three months.

What makes HIV testing crucial?

  • If you believe you could be HIV-positive, it’s critical to get frequent HIV testing.
  • If you contract HIV, early diagnosis and prompt treatment can help you live a longer, healthier life.
  • Keeping your spouse, kids, partners, and other family members safe is another benefit.
  • You can order an HIV self-testing kit for your spouse or partner through Safe Zindagi with their permission.

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