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Trade Name:Anaesthesia & Respiratory care

Which mask provides the High Concentration Mask ?

High Concentration Mask  You can get a higher concentration of oxygen with non-rebreather masks than with regular masks. They are often only employed to temporarily improve oxygenation. Because of the risks involved, non-rebreather masks are not frequently utilised. Suffocation can result from airflow obstructions.

How many different kinds of High Concentration Mask exist?

Based on their design, oxygen delivery systems can be classified as low-flow, reservoir, or high-flow.

What is the purpose of a rebreather mask?

  • Rebreather mask: What is it? One-third of the air that is exhaled is saved in a plastic reservoir bag on a rebreather mask,
  • while the remaining air exits through side holes protected by a one-way valve.
  • This enables the individual to exhale some of the carbon dioxide again, which stimulates breathing.

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Is the flow of a venturi mask high or low?

When pure oxygen is fed through a small orifice in a low-flow mask, the Bernoulli principle is used to entrain room air, creating a large total flow with predictable Fio2.

Why should I wear a non-rebreather mask?

Non-rebreather masks are made to significantly increase the amount of oxygen that reaches your airway. In any room, the typical fraction of inspired oxygen (FIO2), or air oxygen content, is around 21%. Non-rebreather masks deliver 60% to 91% FIO2 to you. They create a seal around your mouth and nose to do this.

Why do we use high flow?

Higher flow rates of oxygen are delivered through the nasal prongs during high flow oxygen therapy than during regular oxygen therapy. People who are experiencing respiratory distress may occasionally receive this treatment.

What is an oxygen mask with a medium concentration?

A small capacity, variable performance mask is called the Medium Concentration (MC) Mask. Depending on the patient’s breathing rate and tidal volume, the MC Mask delivers an oxygen concentration of 40% to 50% at a flow rate of 6–8 L/min. Masks that do not breathe are nasal tubes.

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