Glycerine body lotion Secalia

Trade name: Secalia

Manufacturer: Micro Labs Ltd

Presentation: Lotion

Strength: 100ml

What percentage of Glycerine body lotion is in lotion?

Glycerine body lotion Up to 78.5 percent, which is quite a high percentage! The typical dosage is lower; I typically use 3–30 percent in lotions. A thick, sticky substance with a strong odor. a little too sweet (it tastes sweet as well).

Is glycerin-based lotion good?

You can achieve an “overall moisturized and smoothed look” by utilizing glycerin-enriched products, says Erin Gilbert, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in New York. To sum it up, it’s one of the most hydrating substances on the market today.

What is the purpose of glycerin in lotions?

Hydrating agent Glycerin draws water from deeper depths of your skin and the air to the surface of your skin. Moisture is trapped in skincare products via the use of glycerin in conjunction with occlusives, another type of moisturizing ingredient. To know more click here.

Is glycerine safe to use on the face?

Humectants, like glycerin, keep the skin moisturized by attracting and holding onto moisture. In addition to hydrating and reviving the skin’s surface, it can also help alleviate dryness. Because of its antibacterial characteristics, it is an excellent choice for skincare products.

What is the source of the glycerin in lotion?

Plants and animals both yield glycerin, which is used in cosmetics. Soybeans and palm oil are common plant sources, and tallow obtained from animals is another. It is also possible to synthesize Secalia from propylene. Reduces the environmental impact of the substance.

Does glycerin remove dark circles?

Eyes: Using Secalia as an under-eye moisturizer at night, helps get rid of dark circles and leaves your under-eye skin fresh and smooth. It is better than other regeneration creams available in the market. Injuries: Glycerine aids in expediting the healing process of injuries, be it huge wounds or merely bruises.

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