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What exactly are Examination Gloves?

Examination Gloves Personal protective equipment, such as medical gloves, are worn by the wearer and/or the patient during medical procedures and examinations to stop the spread of infection or disease.

What distinguishes Examination Gloves?

There are two main types of medical gloves: examination and operation. Surgical gloves are made to a higher level and feature more exact sizing, superior precision, and sensitivity. Examining gloves can be sterile or non-sterile, but surgical gloves are typically sterile.

Which exam-appropriate glove are best?

  • Nitrile has overtaken latex as the most used exam glove material in the medical field thanks to its well-balanced features,
  • Reasonable price, and lack of latex allergy risk.

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Exam gloves should be how thick?

For general purpose work, medical exam work, and high-risk scenarios, disposable gloves are employed. Generally speaking, general-purpose and exam-grade disposables are 912 inches long and 4-6 mils thick. Gloves for high-risk situations are typically 8 mils thick and can be up to 12 inches long.

Why are examination gloves so pricey?


According to the largest manufacturer of rubber gloves in the world, “the shortage of raw material for our nitrile gloves and the disruption to the supply or production of other material, such as packaging materials, due to the worldwide lockdown, has caused an increase in the production cost.”

Do exam gloves have to be sterile?

The FDA has strict regulations for the use of non-sterile gloves, often known as medical or examination gloves, in hospitals. Their main function is to physically block the spread of pathogens. They prevent any germs on a patient or healthcare worker from spreading to other people.

Can you serve food while wearing exam gloves?

Disposable gloves of the examination (medical) grade are produced for non-surgical medical procedures. But due to their remarkable quality, examinations glove are increasingly being used in a variety of industries, including the handling and preparation of food.

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