Everolimus 0.5mg Tablet Evergraf

Trade Name: Evergraf

Manufacturer: Panacea Biotec Ltd

Presentation: Tablet

Strength: 0.5mg

What is the drug everolimus used for?

When Everolimus comes to cancer treatment, everolimus, also known by the brand name Afinitor, is a targeted chemotherapy medicine that inhibits cancer cell growth. If you have advanced breast cancer that is hormone receptor-positive, you may be using everolimus to treat it. A neuroendocrine tumor (NET) is a tumor that develops in the stomach, intestine, lung, or pancreas.

What is Evergraf 0.5mg Tablet?

Evergraf 0.5mg Tablet is used to prevent organ dismissal in patients who have been transferred. It controls the body’s insusceptible reaction, so the body can acknowledge the new organ. It is likewise utilized in mix with different prescriptions to treat tumors of the bosom, pancreas, lungs, and kidney.

How Evergraf Everolimus 0.5mg Tablet is used?

Evergraf 0.5mg Tablet should be taken in a portion and span according to the solution. It tends to be taken with or without food yet try to take it at about a similar time each day. An excess of this medication might have genuine incidental effects on the body.

Common Side effects of Everolimus 0.5mg Tablet:

The normal results of this medication are shortcoming, sinus aggravation, contamination, fever, hack, and so forth In the event that any of the incidental effects endure or trouble you, counsel the specialist right away. Advise the specialist quickly in the event that you experience any hypersensitive responses (rash, windedness, hacking, enlarging, and so on) Continuously look for clinical guidance in the event that you have expanded thirst or expanded recurrence of pee, experience the ill effects of windedness, hack or fever, or need to get any inoculation in the wake of taking this drug. For more details Click Here.

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