Epirubicin 100mg Injection Alrubicin

Trade Name: Alrubicin

Manufacturer: Alkem Laboratories Ltd

Presentation: Injection

Strength: 100mg

What is Epirubicin 100mg Injection used for?

Breast cancer patients who have had surgery to remove the tumor are given Epirubicin 100mg Injection in combination with other cancer treatments. It belongs to a class of drugs known as antineoplastics. It prevents cancer cells from growing and finally killing them.

Is epirubicin chemotherapy?

Pharmorubicin is the commercial name for epirubicin, a chemotherapeutic medication (pronounced farm-oh-roo-bis-in). It is a cancer treatment that is used to treat a variety of cancers.

How is epirubicin given?

Epirubicin is administered through intravenous injection (IV). The syringe needle is inserted directly into the tubing of a freely flowing IV fluid and the medicine is administered over several minutes. A vesicant is epirubicin.

How effective is Epirubicin 100mg Injection?

For a total of eight treatment cycles, the patients got single high doses of the medication every three weeks. The overall response rate was 79 percent, with 22 percent of respondents providing complete responses. The most common side effect was low blood counts.

How does Epirubicin 100mg Injection affect the heart?

It can sometimes weaken the heart’s ability to pump blood. There is a chance that it will cause long-term heart damage in certain people. The study’s major goal was to uncover things that could assist them to figure out who is more at risk of heart damage from Epirubicin 100mg Injection.

Does epirubicin cause weight gain?

  • Epirubicin side effects
  • Epirubicin can have significant side effects on your heart that aren’t always reversible and can happen months or years after you’ve taken it.
  • If you get any of the following heart-related symptoms: edoema, rapid weight gain,
  • or shortness of breath,
  • call your doctor straight once. To know more click here.

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