Docetaxel Injection 120mg Docetec

Trade Name: Docetec

Manufacturer: United Biotech Pvt Ltd

Presentation: Injection

Strength: 120mg


Is Docetaxel Injection 120mg powerful chemotherapy?

Docetaxel Injection 120mg, the main component, is a powerful chemotherapy medicine with an extensive list of negative effects. The majority of these are common side effects of this class of medications, such as nausea, vomiting, and transient baldness (hair loss).

What is the purpose of the docetaxel?

Docetaxel is used to treat advanced or metastatic (spread) breast cancer in patients who have previously failed to respond to conventional cancer treatments.

How long should you take docetaxel?

The median overall survival (OS) was 81 months with docetaxel with the standard of care (hormonal therapy with or without radiotherapy) compared to 71 months with the standard of care alone.

What happens next after Docetaxel Injection 120mg?

Abstract. In individuals with castration-resistant prostate cancer, docetaxel chemotherapy is the conventional first-line treatment (CRPC). There is no standard therapy advice for progression following docetaxel treatment because no medication has been shown to improve survival in clinical studies.

Does Docetaxel Injection 120mg make you lose your hair?

Both docetaxel and paclitaxel have the potential to cause irreversible scalp hair loss, but docetaxel is substantially more often than paclitaxel.

What company manufactures Docetaxel Injection 120mg?

Sanofi-Aventis markets docetaxel as Taxotere, Docefrez by Sun Pharma Global, and Zytax by Zydus in the United States.

What is the most common docetaxel side effect?

  • Infections
  • neutropenia
  • anemia
  • febrile neutropenia
  • hypersensitivity,
  • thrombocytopenia
  • neuropathy
  • dysgeusia
  • dyspne
  • constipation
  • anorexia
  • nail disorders
  • fluid retention
  • asthenia, pain, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, mucositis, alopecia, skin rashes, etc.
  • are the most common adverse reactions across all TAXOTERE indications.

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Can you take docetaxel more than once?

Docetaxel is usually given every three weeks over the course of an hour. This is referred to as a cycle.

What is the efficacy of docetaxel?

In 129 evaluable patients, 100 mg/m2 docetaxel delivered over 1 hour every 3 weeks produced an overall response rate of 50% (range, 41 percent to 58 percent) with a median duration of 6 months (range, 2 to 17 months).

Docetaxel works at which stage?

Docetaxel has significant and wide antineoplastic activities because it binds to and stabilizes tubulin, preventing microtubule disintegration and cell death.

Docetaxel is a type of medication.

Docetaxel is an anti-cancer chemotherapeutic medication (sometimes known as “antineoplastic” or “cytotoxic”). A “plant alkaloid,” a “taxane,” and an “antimicrotubule agent” are all terms used to describe this drug.

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