Cholecalciferol IP 60000 IU CALCIDOC D3 SACHET



Manufacturer: Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Presentation: POWDER

Strength:60000 IU

What are the purposes of Cholecalciferol IP 60000 IU?

Cholecalciferol IP 60000 IU Low blood calcium levels are treated with cholecalciferol. It successfully addresses a number of health issues in the body, including osteoporosis, latent tetany, hypoparathyroidism, vitamin D deficiency, and rickets or osteomalacia. There is cholecalciferol in CHOLECALCIFEROL (Vitamin D3).

What function does Cholecalciferol IP 60000 IU serve?

to treat and forestall calcium and vitamin D insufficiency. as a supplement for osteoporosis treatment and bone diseases prevention. As a supplement when the body needs a lot of vitamin D, like in old people or people who don’t get enough sun

How should I take my CALCIDOC D3?

It is best to take vitamin D powder with 60000 IU in the morning with breakfast. You can consume it just after breakfast for optimal absorption, or you can consume it with milk or water for breakfast. 2. It works best when taken with milk or water (either of them is equally good) 3.

How are Calciferol D3 sachets taken?

  • As directed by the doctor, you can take one Calcirol Sachet (1gm) with or without food every several hours.
  • Do not chew, break, or chew it.
  • The dosage will be chosen by your doctor based on how serious your illness is.

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What are the negative effects of cholecalciferol?

What negative effects might cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) have?
a child using cholecalciferol may experience growth issues, chest pain, or shortness of breath.
Weakness, a metallic taste in your mouth, weight loss, pain in your muscles or bones, constipation, nausea, and vomiting are early symptoms of vitamin D overdose.

Would it be advisable for me to take my vitamin D around evening time or in the first part of the day?

The best season of day to take vitamin D tablets isn’t foreordained. Some case that taking vitamin D tablets around evening time expands the gamble of restlessness. There is no data to support this, but if you believe your supplement is interfering with your sleep, you may choose to take it earlier in the day.

Can milk be consumed with cholecalciferol?

It will also aid in avoiding esophageal discomfort. You should consume a diet that is well-balanced and contains enough calcium and vitamin D. (found in milk or other dairy products). But after taking this medication, wait at least 30 minutes before eating, drinking, or taking calcium supplements.

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