Capecitabine 500mg Tablet Citabin

Trade Name: Citabin

Manufacturer: United Biotech Pvt Ltd

Presentation: Tablet

Strength: 500mg

What is the purpose of Capecitabine 500mg Tablet Citabin?

Capecitabine 500mg Tablet Citabin After surgery, patients with Dukes’ C colon cancer (colon cancer that has spread to lymph nodes around the colon) are given capecitabine to help them recover. This medication is additionally used to treat colorectal malignant growth that has spread to different locales of the body (disease of the colon or rectum that has spread to other parts of the body).

What is Capecitabine 500mg Tablet Citabin’s long-term negative effects?

  • Long-term Xeloda adverse effects include the development of certain cardiac issues or kidney failure. These could be temporary or endure for a long time.
  • Long-term usage of Xeloda may result in a loss of fertility. It may be impossible to become pregnant or cause someone to become pregnant after taking the medicine.

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Is capecitabine effective at shrinking tumors?

Chemotherapy drugs like capecitabine act in an assortment of ways of preventing growth cells from developing, including killing them, keeping them from isolating, and keeping them from spreading. High-energy x-beams are utilized in radiation treatment to kill cancer cells and psychologist growths.

Is capecitabine causing you to lose your hair?

Hair loss is a common occurrence. When taken alone, capecitabine can cause transient hair to diminish. It just purposes full going bald in a little level of cases. Most people will lose all of their hair, including eyebrows, eyelashes, and body hair if capecitabine is used in conjunction with another chemotherapy treatment.

Is it true that capecitabine causes weight gain?

chest pain, irregular heartbeats, swelling in your lower legs, rapid weight gain, and feeling lightheaded or short of breath are all symptoms of heart problems; or.

Is it alright for me to consume subsequent to taking capecitabine?

Capecitabine tablets are taken twice a day, roughly 12 hours apart. Within thirty minutes of completing a feast, gulp down them with a glass of water. Capecitabine works best when it’s broken down with food in the stomach. Take these after breakfast in the morning and then again after dinner.

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