bromhexine hydrochloride 4mg 5ml bromipen


Trade Name:bromipen

Manufacturer: Ipca Laboratories Ltd

Presentation: syrup

Strength:4mg /5ml

What is the purpose of bromhexine hydrochloride 4mg 5ml?

bromhexine hydrochloride 4mg 5ml  formed when equimolar concentrations of bromhexine and hydrogen chloride react is known as bromhexine hydrochloride. It is used as a mucolytic to treat respiratory conditions brought on by a productive cough (i.e. a hack portrayed by the creation of sputum). It performs a mucolytic function.

Is bromhexine hydrochloride 4mg 5ml effective against a dry cough?

The combination of bromhexine, dextroprophan, and phenylpropanolamine is used to treat dry cough brought on by colds, the flu, allergies, or throat irritants. It can lessen coughing that is very bad and helps to clear congestion. Additionally, it can soothe a sore throat, which frequently comes on top of a dry cough.

Can a youngster be given bromhexine?

  • For kids 0-2, the benefit-risk balance of all bromhexine formulations is negative.
  • Bromhexine should only be used when prescribed by a doctor for children between the ages of 2 and 6 and 6 and 12.

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At what time should I take bromhexine?

You can take bromhexine before or right after eating. Before using the syrup, give the bottle a good shake. Take a missed dose as soon as you remember it if you do.

Does bromhexine cause sleepiness?

Does bromhexine make you feel sleepy? Yes. Drowsiness is a typical side effect of bromhexine use. The medicine may cause you to feel sleepy and lethargic for a few hours.

Is bromhexine effective against a sore throat?

Ambroxol and bromhexine are mostly used orally as expectorants to help thin the mucus and make it simpler to clear away in patients with acute or chronic lung or airway illnesses. There are other lozenge formulations for sore throat relief.

Which antibiotic will treat cough the best?

Comparable anti-infection agents like Augmentin and Amoxicillin might be utilized to treat different bacterial diseases. In the event that a disease may be anti-infection safe or on the other hand assuming amoxicillin without anyone else is insufficient, a specialist could prompt Augmentin.

The safety of bromhexine syrup?

There are several severe side effects and potential health risks associated with bromhexine. If you are experiencing any of the significant side effects listed above. If you are experiencing any significant issues, consult your doctor.

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