Azacitidine 100mg Injection Azactiv

Trade Name: Azactiv

Manufacturer: Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Presentation: Injection

Strength: 100mg

Can you take Azacitidine 100mg Injection for an extended period of time?

Azacitidine 100mg Injection Azactiv Patients should be treated with azacitidine for at least 6 months, and treatment should be continued until disease progression or unacceptable toxicity occurs in those who have a reported reaction of stable infection (sd).

Is Azacitidine 100mg Injection Azactiv a chemotherapeutic agent?

Azacitadine is a cytotoxic chemotherapeutic medication. This drug is classed as a demethylating agent and an antimetabolite (for more detail, see “How Azacitadine Works” below).

What is the purpose of the azacitidine injection?

Patients with subtypes of French-American-British (FAB) myelodysplastic conditions, like recalcitrant pallor or ongoing leukemia, are treated with azacitidine infusion. Azacitidine is a metabolite, which is a kind of medication. It restrains the development of disease cells, making them easily disposed of.

What is the best way to inject azacitidine?

  • Azacitidine injectable suspension is injected under the skin.
  • Each injection should be done at a different location (thigh, abdomen, or upper arm).
  • New injections should be administered at least one inch away from an existing site and never into delicate, bruised, red, or hard areas.

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Is azacitidine causing you to lose your hair?

It’s possible that your hair will thin. Nonetheless, you are probably not going to lose the entirety of your hair. Going bald is normal after the first or second treatment. It’s almost in every case just transitory, and your hair will regrow after the treatment is finished.

Is it possible to administer azacitidine at home?

This medicine will be given to you by a nurse or another certified health practitioner. You may also be instructed on how to administer your medication at home. This drug is injected into a vein or delivered as a shot under the skin. This drug should be taken once a day for seven days (1 treatment cycle).

Is azacitidine used as a form of immunotherapy?

Azacitidine may inhibit tumor cell proliferation by inhibiting some of the enzymes required for cell growth. Monoclonal antibodies, such as pembrolizumab, are used in immunotherapy to help the body’s immune system fight cancer while also interfering with tumor cells’ capacity to grow and spread.

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