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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Amlodipine -5mg+Atenolol-50mg?

A combination of Amlodipine -5mg+Atenolol-50mg is used to treat high blood pressure. It’s a drug that’s used to treat high blood pressure. It acts by lessening pulse, pulse, and heart muscle contractility. Tablets and capsules with Amlodipine+Atenolol are available.

Amlodipine -5mg+Atenolol-50mg lowers blood pressure by how much?

In patients who were not responding to treatment with the 5 mg dose, increasing amlodipine to 10 mg daily resulted in a statistically significant reduction in blood pressure.

Is it better to take amlodipine in the first part of the day or around evening time?

It doesn’t matter when you take amlodipine (morning or evening), but it’s better to do so at the same time every day when you’re most likely to remember, for more consistent blood levels and hence effectiveness. Amlodipine is a calcium channel blocker that enhances blood flow by dilating blood vessels. if you more detail click here

What is the purpose of 50 mg of atenolol?

High blood pressure is treated with atenolol alone or in combination with other drugs (hypertension). Strokes, respiratory failures, and kidney tissues can be in every way forestalled by bringing down circulatory strain. This medication is likewise used to treat angina (chest torment) and to assist individuals enduring respiratory failure.

Is it safe to combine atenolol and amlodipine?

  • Finally, the combination of atenolol and amlodipine improves blood pressure, blood pressure variability, baroreflex sensitivity, and end-organ damage.
  • All four hypertension models showed that the combination had a better effect.

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Is atenolol beneficial to the kidneys?

Beta-blockers are effective antihypertensive drugs, but their hemodynamic effects on renal function are different. Cardioselective beta-blockers like atenolol and metoprolol have been shown to slow the progression of renal disease, albeit to a smaller extent than renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system blockers.

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