Allopurinol IP 300mg ALLOFINE 300


Trade Name:ALLOFINE 300

Manufacturer:Morepen Laboratories Ltd

Presentation: Tablet


What is the motivation behind an Allopurinol IP 300mg?

Allopurinol IP 300mg Gout and kidney stones are both managed by allopurinol. Additionally, it might be administered if you’re undergoing some kind of cancer treatment. The uric acid level can rise as a result of some treatments. Allopurinol is only available with a prescription and is available in 100 mg and 300 mg tablets.

When should I take Allopurinol IP 300mg?

Allopurinol can be taken orally once daily, preferably just after a meal. In particular after food, it is well tolerated. If the daily dosage is higher than 300 mg and signs of gastrointestinal intolerance appear, a divided dosing regimen may be necessary.

What advantages does allopurinol offer?

Allopurinol has various positive effects in addition to its effectiveness in lowering urate levels and successfully treating gout. These include lowering the risks of renal events such the doubling of blood creatinine and the start of dialysis in patients with chronic kidney disease.

What negative effects does 300 mg of allopurinol have?

Skin rash is one of the more frequent side effects of allopurinol oral tablet.
changes in the outcomes of your liver function test.
flare-up of gout (if you have gout)

How can we lessen uric acid?

  • How to Reduce Uric Acid in the Body Naturally
  • Limit foods high in purines.
  • Keep sugar away.
  • Skip the alcohol.
  • Get thinner.
  • stabilise insulin.
  • Insert fibre.
  • Be less stressed.
  • Inspect your supplements and medications.

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What time of day is ideal for taking allopurinol?

One pill of allopurinol is taken each day. It is normally best to take it right after eating, and the tablet needs to be dissolved in water and then ingested. The more water you consume during the day, the more urate your kidneys can remove from your body.

What signs indicate uric acid?

signs of hyperuricemia
joint discomfort that is excruciating.
stiff joints.
afflicted joints have trouble moving.
edoema and redness
irregular joints.

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