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How to import Medicine from India If you want to import medicines from one country to another, you have to compile with both countries rules and regulations. Medicine is a sensitive product and movement of it is restricted with rules and regulations. Every country has different laws and regulations regarding importing and exporting of pharmaceutical products and medicines. WHO: GMP certified or Concerned Authority Certified Plant: Most of countries allow import of pharmaceutical products and medicines from plant that are approved from WHO: GMP only. Few countries has own authority certification requirements for importing any medicine in its region like for exporting to USA, a plant must be approved to USFDA. Before exporting to any country you should confirm about regulatory requirements of that country. Registration of product in importing Country: Every country has fixed norms and regulation for pharmaceutical products and medicines to be imported, manufactured and distribute within country. Before exporting a product to any country prior registration of that product is must in importing country unless specified. Once order is confirmed, we’ll share necessary documents for your government submission. After their approval, we’ll ensure the dispatch and all procedures to be delivered in the port of your preference or location. Whole process takes less than in one week.


Dossiers: Dossier is a collection of documents which contains complete information about origin, nature, chemical properties and other particulars of a product. In Pharmaceutical export dossier plays an important role in registration process in importing country and permission/approval from DCGI for export.


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