zoledronic acid injection 4mg Zolon

Trade Name: Zolon

Manufacturer: Celon Laboratories Ltd

Presentation: Injection

Strength: 4mg

What is a zoledronic acid injection used for?

zoledronic acid injection is used to treat hypercalcemia, which is a condition that can emerge as a result of cancer treatment. When used with cancer chemotherapy, zoledronic acid is used to treat bone issues that can occur in patients with multiple myeloma and other types of cancer (such as breast or lung cancer) that have spread to the bones.

What is Zoledronic 4mg Zolon?

zoledronic acid injection 4mg Zolon is utilized to treat or forestall debilitating of the bones (osteoporosis) brought about by menopause or utilization of steroids. Utilizing this medication can diminish your danger of breaking bones. It is additionally used to treat significant degrees of calcium in individuals who have malignant growth.

How does Zoledronic 4mg acid Injection work?

Zolon 4mg Injection is given by a specialist or medical caretaker. The amount you are given, and how regularly, will be chosen by your primary care physician. It might simply be a solitary infusion or you might require normal infusions relying on your basic condition. Your primary care physician will request you to drink a lot of water before the infusion, to try not to get dried out. It might require a few days to get the full advantage of this medication. Zolon 4mg Injection is just important for a treatment program that may likewise incorporate changes to your eating routine and take calcium and nutrient enhancements.

Common Side effects of Zolon Injection:

The most widely recognized secondary effects incorporate sickness, exhaustion, sickliness, bone torment, blockage, fever, heaving, and windedness. Zolon 4mg Injection can cause genuine kidney issues, particularly in case you are dried out, on the off chance that you take diuretic medication (water pills), or on the other hand if you now have kidney sickness. It can likewise cause low degrees of calcium in the blood and agony in the mouth or jaw. These are not kidding incidental effects and need dire clinical consideration. Tell your PCP straight away in the event that you notice any of these.

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