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Trade Name:Surgery & wound care

What is the purpose of Yankauer Suction Set?

Yankauer Suction Set Oropharyngeal secretions are suctioned using this device to avoid aspiration. During surgical procedures, a Yankauer can be used to clean the surgical site and the suctioned volume is recorded as blood loss.

How are Yankauer Suction Set used?

Apply suction by inserting a Yankauer catheter and covering the thumb hole. Yankauer should be kept moving as you move the catheter in a circular fashion from the gum line to the pharynx. induce coughing in the patient. The oral mucosa is shielded from the catheter’s suction, which would otherwise traumatise the tissues.

Yankauer’s setting is what?

During surgery, a Yankauer suction set is utilised to remove fluids and blood.

What does Yankauers suction mean?

  • With the invention of his namesake Yankauer suction catheter in 1907, otolaryngologist Sidney Yankauer transformed the field of medical suction.
  • While employed at Mount Sinai Hospital’s outpatient surgery unit,
  • Dr. Yankauer, an unassuming ENT specialist, created a number of useful medical devices.

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What two suctioning techniques are there?

nasal suction (suctioning in the nose) oral suction (suctioning the mouth)

How often should a Yankauer be changed?

Yankauer and suction tubes need to be replaced if they split, get filthy or discoloured and can no longer be cleaned.The need to change filters every two months. As long as the patient has to be suctioned, the canister should stay in position.

How deep should a suction catheter be inserted?

Measurement of Suction Length

To avoid irritating and harming the mucosa, suction should only be applied to the ETT’s tip and should never extend further than 0.5 cm.

How sterile is Yankauer suction?

Features of the product: Sterile suction tool for removing viscous and particle debris.

What is the purpose of a suction catheter?

When these patients are unable to remove secretions on their own, a suction catheter can help clear the airway. Patients may eventually require regular airway clearing. Patients with COPD create an excessive amount of sputum, which can obstruct the airway and make breathing challenging.

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