Nilotinib Capsule Tasigna 200 mg

Trade Name: Tasigna

Manufacturer: Novartis India Ltd

Presentation: Capsule

Strength: 200mg

Common Side effects of Nilotinib 200mg Capsule:

Headache, infection, stomach pain, and rash are all common side effects of Tasigna 200 mg Capsule treat blood cancer. (PML) It is used in people who cannot be treated with other drugs. If you experience outrageous runs, talk with your PCP or drink a lot of fluids while on treatment. This medicine may diminish the number of platelets (decrease red blood and white platelets) in your blood, thus increasing your vulnerability to pollution. Standard blood tests are expected to really take a gander at your platelets close to the heart, liver, and blood uric destructive levels, as well as glucose or fat levels in the body.

What is the Tasigna 200 mg Nilotinib Capsule?

Tasigna 200mg The capsule is used in the treatment of blood threats (tireless myeloid leukemia). It is used in patients whose conditions could not be treated with other leukemia treatments or who were unable to take these drugs due to adverse effects.

How is Tasigna 200 mg Nilotinib Capsule used?

Tasigna 200mg capsules should be taken on an empty stomach, yet endeavor to have them at the same time reliably to get the most benefits. Your essential consideration doctor will pick which piece is crucial and how often you really want to take it. This will depend upon what you are being treated for and may change from time to time. You should definitely follow your doctor’s advice. Misconstruing it or taking an unnecessary measure can cause exceptional coincidental impacts. It may take a short time or months so that you can see or feel the benefits, but don’t stop taking it aside from if your essential consideration doctor encourages you to.

Is Tasigna safe?

Tasigna has boxed warnings. trusted source for an unusual heart condition known as QT prolongation and unexpected death. Tasigna causes QT prolongation, and this can prompt genuine aftereffects, including blacking out, seizures, and even passing.

Does Tasigna 200 mg cause bone pain?

rash, temporary baldness, night sweats; pain in your bones, spine, joints, or muscles; cerebral pain, fatigue

Does Tasigna 200 mg cause shortness of breath?

Tasigna might make your body hold a lot of liquid. Windedness, enlargement, and weight gain are all side effects of liquid maintenance.

Can Tasigna cause high blood pressure?

If any of the accompanying aftereffects happen, check with your PCP at the earliest opportunity. I have trouble breathing with a hack or wheezing. fever. expanded pulse.

How long do you take Tasigna?

Accepting TASIGNA as endorsed has a vital influence on being qualified to attempt TFR. Before your primary care physician can decide if TFR is appropriate for you, take TASIGNA precisely as recommended for something like 3 years and go for normal blood tests. Stay aware of the dosing plan that works for you.

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