Tab Dolutegravir 50mg Instgra

Trade name: Instgra

Manufacturer: Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Presentation :Tablets


What is Tab Dolutegravir used for?

Instgra is the brand name for a drug called Tab Dolutegravir , which is used to treat HIV. It’s usually used with additional antiretroviral medications. Dolutegravir is usually taken once a day by adults at a dose of 50mg. You may be prescribed a dose of one 50mg pill twice a day if you are taking certain additional medications.

What does Instgra do to the body?

Tab Dolutegravir belongs to the HIV integrase inhibitors class of drugs. It works by lowering the level of HIV in your blood and raising the number of immune cells in your body that aid in the fight against infections.

When should I take Tab Dolutegravir?

The optimum time to take Tab Dolutegravir is in the morning or during the day. This is because if you take it at night, it can prevent you from sleeping. In persons using dolutegravir with efavirenz, nevirapine, tipranavir, ritonavir, or rifampicin, a 50 mg twice-daily dose is required. To know more click here

How long does Instgra stay in your body?

Instgra plasma half-life within the 24-hour dosing interval was less than its terminal elimination half-life to the last measured concentration within 216 hours in the 17 participants who finished the research (14.3 versus 23.1 hours).

Does Instgra increase appetite?

Weight gain was observed in patients with HIV switching to Instgra (DTG)-based ART, according to observational data from Nigeria presented at HIV Glasgow 2020. After 24 months, this appeared to have reached a halt. Participants in the trial frequently reported an increase in hunger as a side effect.

Does Instgra cause weight gain?

According to data presented last month at the International AIDS Conference, a growing body of evidence continues to suggest that persons who take the integrase inhibitor dolutegravir are more likely to gain weight after starting therapy (AIDS 2020:Virtual).

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