Sulbactam and Cefoperazone Injection 1.5g Zostum

Trade Name: Zostum

Manufacturer: Zuventus Healthcare Ltd

Presentation: Injections

Strength:1. 1.5g

what is the1.5g Zostum Sulbactam and Cefoperazone Injection?

1.5 gramme of Zostum Sulbactam and Cefoperazone, two separate medications used in injection, combine to eliminate infection-causing bacteria. Cefoperazone inhibits bacterial growth, which is how it functions. Sulbactam lessens resistance and increases Cefoperazone’s effectiveness against germs.

Using Zostum 1.5gm Dry Vial of 1 Injection Powder?

The Zostum-1.5g injection is used to treat severe bacterial infections of the uterus, ovaries, skin, joints, and soft tissues as well as respiratory and urinary tract infections.

Which conditions should not be used with Zostum 1.5gm Dry Vial Of 1 Powder For Injection?

if you are sensitive to any of the chemicals in Zostum-1.5g injection, including sulbactam, cefoperazone, penicillins, or other cephalosporin antibiotics.

What adverse consequences could Sulbactam and Cefoperazone Dry Vial Of 1 Powder For Injection cause?

  • Nausea Loose stools
  • Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Allergic responses
  • An injection site that is painful and tender.

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Is it safe to use Sulbactam and Cefoperazone when pregnant?

Concerning the safety of Zostum-1.5g injection during pregnancy, there is no information available.
If you are pregnant, talk to your doctor. After determining your needs, the doctor will explain how to use the medication.

I breastfeed; may I use Sulbactam and Cefoperazone?

If you are breastfeeding, let your doctor know. The doctor will discuss the use of the medication with you once they have determined its necessity and benefits.

Alcohol consumption is permitted when using Sulbactam and Cefoperazone injectable?

Avoid drinking alcohol after receiving Zostum-1.5g injection because it can exacerbate side effects like flushing, sweating, headaches, and rapid heartbeats.
After taking the last dose of the medication, refrain from drinking for at least five days.

How Does It Function?

The infection-causing germs are eliminated by the Zostum-1.5g injection. Cefoperazone is destroyed by an enzyme that bacteria produce called beta-lactamases. Inactivating the enzyme allows Cefoperazone to work as effectively as possible.

Use Instructions for Sulbactam and Cefoperazone Dry Vial of 1 Injection Powder?

You will receive an injection of Zostum-1.5g at the hospital from a doctor or nurse. During the procedure or for aftercare, heed the advice of the doctor or nurse.

What adverse consequences could Zostum 1.5gm Dry Vial Of 1 Powder For Injection cause?

The Zostum-1.5g injection will be given by the doctor or nurse. It is less probable that you will get extra medication. Inform the doctor as soon as possible if you develop loose stools, nausea, vomiting, headache, fits, skin rashes, or allergies right after receiving the injection.

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