Shanvac B Hapatitis B Vaccir 0.5ml


Trade Name:Shanvac B

Manufacturer:GSK Pharmaceuticals

Presentation: Vaccine


Who receives the Shanvac B Hapatitis?

All people with risk factors for Shanvac B Hapatitis, regardless of age, should receive the hepatitis B vaccine. This includes those 60 years of age and older. Three doses of the vaccination are given.

Revac B: What is it?

® Revac-B mcf®, a sterile suspension created utilising recombinant DNA technology, contains the purified, non-infectious main surface antigen of the Hepatitis-B virus. The only Hepatitis B vaccine without preservatives and without calcium chloride is Revac-B mcf®.

The injection site for the hepatitis B vaccine.

Instead of the buttock, the deltoid muscle in the upper arm or the anterolateral part of the thigh should receive the hepatitis B vaccination. Over 100 cases of unusually low antibody seroconversion rates following buttock-injection hepatitis B immunisation have been documented.

What are Shanvac B Hapatitis B Vaccir’s adverse effects?

  • consequences of shanvac B (0.5 ml)
  • Skin: Unusual bleeding
  • herpes zoster, and skin irritation.
  • Conjunctival inflammation
  • ear pain
  • ringing in the ears, and vision problems are all eye and ENT-related symptoms.
  • Constipation
  • diarrhoea, and nausea are gastrointestinal symptoms.

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How long does the Shanvac B Hapatitis’s protection last?

According to studies, healthy individuals who began receiving hepatitis B vaccinations at an age greater than six months have immunologic memories that last for at least 30 years. Long-term protection from clinical disease and chronic hepatitis B virus infection is provided by the vaccine.

After receiving the Shanvac B Hapatitis may you test positive for Hep B?

Conclusions. Our research demonstrates that patients who receive HBV vaccinations may experience temporary HBsAg positive. According to the findings, this positive is not likely to last more than 14 days after the vaccine. on.

Can getting vaccinated make me contract Shanvac B Hapatitis?

No. Since it doesn’t contain a live virus, the hepatitis B vaccine cannot spread the disease.

What is the adult vaccination schedule for Shanvac B Hapatitis?

The recommended dose intervals are 0 days, 1–2 months, and 4–6 months. The timing is rather flexible, however it’s important to remember the minimum times between doses: between doses, at least four weeks.

What if I forget to get my second Hep B shot?

Get the following dose as soon as you can if you forget a dose or fall behind schedule. No need to start over is necessary. – At least a month must pass between the first and second doses. – The third dose must be administered at least 2 months and 4 months following the first and second doses, respectively.

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