raltegravir 400 mg Tablets zepdon

Trade Name: zepdon

Manufacturer: Cipla

Presentation: Tablets

Strength: 400mg

What is raltegravir 400 mgTab used for?

raltegravir 400 mg Tab is used with other HIV drugs to help control HIV infection. It helps to decrease the amount of HIV in your body so your immune system can perform properly. This minimizes your probability of having HIV consequences (such as new infections, cancer) and enhances your quality of life.

What is Zepdon used to treat?

The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) can’t multiply in your body if you take Zepdon an antiviral medication. Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) can be treated with Zepdon, an HIV medication (AIDS). The drug Zepdon is not a treatment for HIV or AIDS.

Is there another name for Zepdon?

The FDA has approved the prescription drug Zepdon (trade names Isentress and Isentress HD) for the treatment of HIV infection in adults and children. To know more click here.

When do you use raltegravir 400 mg?

To treat HIV infection in adults and children who weigh at least 4.5 lbs, raltegravir 400 mg is used in combination with other drugs (2 kg). The HIV integrase inhibitors, of which Zepdon is a member, are a class of drugs. It does its job by lowering blood HIV levels.

Do you have to take Zepdon with food?

It is possible to take the tablet with or without food. Standard 600 mg tablets are offered when a once-daily dose is recommended (two 600 mg tablets). With a glass of water, the tablets should be eaten whole. The tablets can be taken on an empty stomach or on an empty stomach.

What does Zepdon interact with?

Other potent UGT inducers like phenytoin and phenobarbital may require Zepdon to be administered with the same dose recommended. A drug-drug interaction study with an acid-reducing agent was recommended because Zepdon is better absorbed in an environment with a higher pH.

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