Racecadotril BP 100mg Moredot Capsule


Trade Name:– MOREDOT-100

Manufacturer: –Dr. Morepen Ltd

Presentation:- Capsule

Strength:- 100mg

How would you take Racecadotril BP 100mg Capsule?

Clinical Uses of Racecadotril BP

The medication is accessible in Racecadotril BP 100mg Capsule containers and 10, 15, and 30 mg sachets. The suggested measurements are 100 mg three times each day for grown-ups and 1.5 mg/kg three times each day for youngsters. It works on the patient’s view of the viability of treatment because of the decreased number of stools.

Which is better Racecadotril or loperamide BP?

Ends: Racecadotril settled the side effects of intense runs quickly and really, and created the more fast goal of stomach side effects and less clogging than loperamide.

Is racecadotril an anti-toxin?

Racecadotril, otherwise called acetorphan, is an antidiarrheal drug that goes about as a fringe enkephalinase inhibitor.

When is the best opportunity to take Racecadotril?

Racecadotril ought to be taken for intense loose bowels precisely as your primary care physician tells you to. It is required three attempts day to day at ordinary spans until the loose bowels stop (however for no longer than seven days altogether). You ought to give the principal portion straightaway.

what are the Racecadotril Capsule secondary effects?

  • Spewing
  • queasiness
  • obstruction
  • stomach torment
  • thirst
  • dizziness, and cerebral pain.

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Could Racecadotril BP Capsule at any point cause a clog?

The occurrence of unfriendly responses owing to the drug was less with racecadotril (9% versus 18%). Normal unfavorable responses were clogging, stomach distension, anorexia, migraine, and stomach torment.

How might I get medicine without a specialist?

With telemedicine, you can get medicine without genuinely venturing out to a specialist. You can converse with a doctor and get a finding utilizing innovation. Assuming that you require medicine for your condition, the specialist will send the solution to your preferred drugstore

How long does Racecadotril Capsule stay in your framework?

Discharge: Mainly through pee (81.4%), by means of defecation (approx 8%). Disposal half-life: Approx 3-4 hours.

Might I at any point take racecadotril without food?

It comes as a case to take by mouth, regardless of food.

Could I at any point blend racecadotril with milk?

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