Paracetamol 125mg ACLODOC P SUSP



Manufacturer: Taurus Laboratories Pvt Ltd

Presentation: SUSP


What is the purpose of paediatric oral Paracetamol 125mg ACLODOC?

Paracetamol 125mg ACLODOC It treats mild to severe pain, including as headaches, migraines, nerve pain, toothaches, sore throats, menstrual cramps, and general aches and pains. It is also employed to lower fevers (high temperature).

How much Aclodoc drops is safe for a baby?

There shouldn’t be more than 2 doses given to infants between 2-3 months. A maximum of four dosages should be administered every 24 hours. Somewhere around 4 hours ought to pass between dosages.

What negative effects might Paracetamol 125mg ACLODOChave?

  • 6. Adverse results
    may foster a skin rash that might seem like stripping, rankling, bothersome, red, enlarged, or rankled skin.
  • You’re coughing.
  • you experience throat or chest tightness.
  • you have problems breathing or talking.
  • your throat, face, lips, tongue, or mouth start to expand.

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When should I give paracetamol to my infant for a fever?

Fever and medications

From the age of two months, newborns can get paracetamol. Babies that weigh more than 5 kg and are at least 3 months old should be allowed to take ibuprofen (11lbs). Never exceed the suggested dose and always carefully read the instructions on the bottle or packet.

How should I administer Paracetamol to my child?

If your infant is in discomfort or has a fever, you can give them one dosage of Paracetamol 125mg ACLODOC syrup (or one suppository) (including fever after having vaccinations). Usually, 2.5 cc of infant syrup is administered (or a 60mg suppository). Always use the specified spoon or syringe when using a syrup.

Does paracetamol cause sleepiness in babies?

Does CALPOL® induce sleep in infants? Mild to moderate pain is relieved and fever is decreased with the use of CALPOL® Infant Suspension. There are no sedative qualities to it.

Which pain reliever is best for infants?

Calpol, often known as paracetamol, is easy on children’s stomachs and begins to reduce fever in 15 minutes.

What treatment for fever should you give a child?

Give acetaminophen to your youngster (Tylenol, others). Ibuprofen is acceptable if your child is 6 months of age or older (Advil, Motrin, etc.). For the correct dosage, carefully read the label. Never administer aspirin to a baby or young child.

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