octreotide injection Octride Depot 30mg

Trade Name: Octreotide Acetate

Manufacturer: Sun Pharma

Presentation: Injection

Strength: 30mg

What is the purpose of the medicine Octreotide Injection?

Octreotide Injection immediate-release injection is used to reduce the amount of growth hormone (a natural substance) produced by people who cannot be treated for acromegaly (a condition in which the body produces too much growth hormone, causing enlargement of the hands, feet, and facial features, as well as joint pain and other symptoms).

What is the procedure for administering octreotide injections?

It’s delivered as a shot under the skin or into a muscle, or as a needle inserted into a vein. Patients who do not need to be at a medical facility can receive this medicine at home. If you’re going to use this drug at home, your doctor or nurse will show you how to prepare it and inject it.

Is octreotide effective at shrinking tumors?

Octreotide is powerful in treating the side effects of the carcinoid condition. Octreotide can decrease carcinoid tumors temporarily, but it does not cure them. The original version of octreotide is injected twice daily under the skin (subcutaneously).

What are the Octreotide Injection syndrome symptoms?

  • Symptoms
  • Flushing of the skin. Your face and upper chest skin feel hot and changed.
  • color, ranging from pink to purple. Migraine
  • skin lesions on the face. On your nose and upper lip, purplish streaks of
  • Perhaps spiderlike veins may emerge.
  • Diarrhea, breathing difficulties.
  • My heart is racing.

Is Octreotide Injection effective in lowering blood pressure?

Octreotide did alter the sleep-wake cycle’s diurnal blood pressure and heart rate fluctuations; there was considerable blood pressure and heart rate decline from daytime to nighttime before therapy, but this was lost after treatment.

What is the treatment for Octreotide Injection syndrome?

  1. Treatment Surgery Surgery to remove all or part of your cancer could be a viable choice.
  2. Anti-cancer drugs prevent cancer cells from secreting substances.
  3. Drugs that give radiation to cancer cells directly
  4. Stopping the flow of blood to liver cancer
  5. Chemotherapy is the process of using heat or cold to kill cancer cells in the liver.

What is the severity of an Octreotide Injection tumor?

Carcinoid tumors can release hormones that cause the lining of heart chambers, valves, and blood arteries to thicken. Leaky heart valves and cardiac failure may result, necessitating valve replacement surgery.

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